為什麼中共鼓勵復工? 【中英對照翻譯】

班農作戰室 PANDEMIC EP-29 精選


What has the CCP contributed since the global virus outbreak in the past couple months? Jiang and Xi factions only intensified their political struggle by taking advantage of this pandemic. They completely controlled the media and forced people back to work disregard the potential danger of even bigger outbreaks. Because the last thread of legitimacy of this government is the economy. Their most dreaded scenario is starving Chinese people would stand up and overthrow the CCP.

嘉宾简介: Maura Moynihan是一位作家,演员,时装设计师,画家和音乐作曲家,她能说流利的印地语和乌尔都语,以及藏语和尼泊尔语。

About the guest:Maura Moynihan is an author, actor, fashion designer, painter and music composer who speaks fluent Hindi and Urdu as well as Tibetan and Nepali.