Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School Strategic Plan 2021-2026 Priorities

The Path Forward

Investing in our CORE: Curriculum, Opportunities, Relationships and Empathy

Welcome to the 2021-26 Strategic Plan for Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall.

A year in the making, these strategic priorities are rooted in the mission of the School and a crystal clear vision for the next five years. The School's CORE values, Curriculum, Opportunity, Relationships and Empathy, share space with our extraordinary educators and students at the epicenter of our community. We are pleased to showcase these institutional objectives, a path forward that strengthens our CORE and secures CH-CH's future.

Kind regards,

Lance Conrad, Ed.D. | Head of School

Our Top Priorities

Connect Students with the Greater World

Connect students with the greater world in meaningful ways, by reimagining existing, and creating new, opportunities for student engagement.

"Students and faculty partner in seeking out unfamiliar positions and experiences that help inform and refine our thinking about complex social issues. We also work together to demonstrate meaningful service to a community—near or far—that makes direct connection to our studies and creates greater equity, opportunity, and justice in our communities and the wider world." - Director of 11th & 12th Grade Programs

Prepare our Graduates for Success

Prepare our graduates for success through understanding themselves and the world around them, as well as a continued commitment to a socio-emotional curriculum valuing health and wellness.

"Teachers really get to know the students—their strengths, their weaknesses, and their hopes and dreams. They truly partner with their students and act as guides and advisors as much as educators. It is a very special part of the School for which we are so grateful." -Parent '22

Foster a Culture of Empathy and Opportunity

Foster a culture and climate of empathy and opportunity through the engagement of diverse students and educators, both domestic and international, and the celebration of equity, inclusion and belonging.

"Empathy and respect are fostered here and nurtured not only within the classroom by the faculty, but also through the numerous communications, events, and affinity groups made available to both students and their families. It was this culture that originally drew me in and kept me involved." -Parent ‘21

Ensure Financial Sustainability

Establish mission-appropriate revenue sources that ensure the financial sustainability of the School, while enriching the student and faculty experience.

"All these financial objectives tie to the core principle of sustainability: ensuring that CH-CH builds solid financial bedrock upon which the School can continue to grow and thrive. This requires balancing the many short-term needs and opportunities with the longer term goal of strengthening the School’s capital base and resources." -Trustee

Align Campus Facilities

Enhance the student experience by improving and aligning campus facilities to all aspects of our differentiated approach to teaching and learning.

"We must keep the student experience, as well as our unique approach to teaching and learning, at the center of our thinking when it comes to campus master planning and facility improvements. Ultimately, we must always be asking ourselves, ‘How does this enhance the student experience at CH-CH?'" - Head of School

Support and Expand Purposeful Professional Development

Amplify the student experience both inside and outside the classroom by supporting and expanding purposeful professional development for faculty and staff.

"Keep recruiting teachers with profound subject knowledge, teaching experience, and creativity in differentiating content for students with diverse learning styles. Supporting many types of teachers is vital. Continuity is key!" - Parent '20

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in our future. The CH-CH Strategic Plan was created through the dedication and care of the entire CH-CH community. In particular, the ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee shepherded the process on behalf of the Board of Trustees. We wish to thank the following Trustees for their leadership in this area: Silvina Choumenkovitch P'21, Todd Lemke P'15, Deb Mankiw P'13, Charlotte Merrell P'10, BJ Rudman P'08, and Jeff Wolk P'22, P'22. Moreover, gratitude is shared with school leadership team members Lance Conrad (Head of School), Leslie Jacobson Kaye P'20 (Chief Advancement Officer), Matt Soule (Director of Marketing & Communications), and Gwen Pojasek (Chief Financial Officer), for their efforts.