Hello & Welcome to my learning journal for the Adobe EdEx class. I am new to Adobe Spark and creating a learning journal.

Week 1: Introduction and Personal Branding. I live in Mississippi and work at a community college doing graphic design. My passion is teaching.

Thoughts + Reflections: Above is my introduction video for week 1 assignment. This was a challenge because I am uncomfortable with having the camera lens pointing at me. I did several versions, each one just felt awkward. Generally, you are your worst critic. It was also a challenge not to allow the video to be public, I made it password protected. Lastly, you will notice the video is very short. I'm not used to creating videos for starters and then make one of myself. Password is: assignment1

Below is my headshot. It is a bit large for this page. I would like for it to be smaller, but struggled with adjusting the size once on the page.

Week 2: Killer Resume

Thoughts + Reflections: I used Adobe InDesign to create my resume. I absolutely love InDesign. I do have experience using the program. But I am always open to learning new things, especially when it involves software. I feel the more I use InDesign, the more I learn. I take advantage of using shortcuts and know there are probably some I am not utilizing.

I recently read the statement, “One out of every ten resumes might stand out, but in general, it’s a blur of cookie-cutter words on glaringly white paper.” Now how am I supposed to be ‘the one’ to stand. It begins with the design process. Here’s how I tackled this task: When I applied to my current position, I decided to do research on the institution theme and colors. I took a one of the colors and modified the hue for the boxes and lines in my own resume, and spent time to tailor the resume to their taste and style. I wanted to keep my resume to one page.

Week 3: Creating a personal brand logo

Personal brand logo
Twitter page mock-up
Facebook page mock-up
YouTube page mock-up

Thoughts + Reflections: What was your experience of trying to create a logo? What was easy? Hard? What surprised you? What did you wish you could do that you could not?

Logos are fun for me to create. I always enjoy doing them only this time is wasn't easy for me. It was a challenge because it involved me, my name. I couldn't make up my mind on which direction to go. Did I want graphic elements like an image or an icon? Did I want to add shapes or lines? The questions may sound easy and simple, but for me they were not. Decisions are always a challenge when it involves yourself. I kept thinking of the saying - you only get one chance to make a first impression. The only saying I would remind myself during the process is - K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid. Repeating those two sayings helped me stay on track. Now I feel I need to go back and re-design my resume! :}

How might you use a project like this in your classroom? This project is an effective one to use in the classroom. Students need to understand the elements of branding. Then after learning about it, they should explore using their knowledge to create one themselves!

Week 4: Creating an online portfolio

Thoughts + Reflections:During this course, I have experimented with Adobe Spark. It wasn’t until this week’s assignment that I decided to experiment with Adobe Portfolio. I have never used the platform before. I felt this week’s project would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of that.

Was it easy to come up with an idea? It was very helpful to have templates available to get the creative wheel going. It is always a challenge for me to start when you are given no direction. Using Portfolio made it easy to have a direction to start in.

Could you use video in any other aspects of your classroom practice? How so? Yes, I could use video in my classroom practice. I feel using video gives the student a different perspective of the topic they are learning. This different perspective will only aid in the learning process.

Here is the link for my Adobe Portfolio:

Week 5: Adobe Spark Video offering formative assessment feedback

Thoughts & Reflections: What has been difficult to understand about the Digital Me process? The first thing that comes to mind for being difficult was to taking a video of myself. As simple as that task may be. It was a challenge for me. I was not comfortable with having a video of myself. It was a difficult challenge, but at the end of the day I did it! I didn’t think it would be, but it I found Adobe Portfolio to be difficult for me. It was hard to understand the process of the program. I found that I would favor Spark over Portfolio. It was hard this week hearing my voice on my video assessment.

What new understandings or questions do you have after Live Class 5? How can your peers help? At this time, I don’t have any questions.

Here is the link for my eportfolio assessment:

Week 6: Reflective Process

My own learning is always try something once. Get a feel for it. Explore, experiment, experience with this new task you’ve never done before. Try it out. Then, once the first step is taken, it is fair enough to form an opinion of the new task. The methods that were new for me were incorporating video, either being in front of the camera or operating the camera. These methods were new to me. I believe my students might learn by using the video to replay several times to help with comprehending a task/assignment. I am really excited about showing my students Adobe Spark. It was very enjoyable working in this program. I can definitely see the many benefits it has for students and teachers. It is very user friendly. There are multiple levels along with a variety of tools that one can use to create beautiful pieces. I would definitely say that Adobe Spark is now my favorite program.

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