Graphic Portrait - MARK YAN - TGG3M1-02 -

Renaissance Portrait

My Researches

The Chosen Picture

My Final Work

Two Significant Objects

The piece is a traditional Portrait standing at a background of a natural history museum. I chose this place to represent my home of this design because my interest of travelling is on the knowledge of the local museum of the direction places. The other reason is that I am also a science biology learner, so that I want to find a place with both grand building and the knowledge which is useful for my studying. My inspiration was based on The Whole series of color of the the original picture. I wanted to match the background color and the color of the portrait together. This also cause the trouble of this project. At first, I could not balance the color s very well, specially this was the first that I editing with Photoshop. I solved it with the extra learning with the Color Balance tools and the setting of the arrangement of the layers. Afterwards, I was able to deal with the color arrangement and also the light or other stuffs that effect the result of the design. The coolest part of my picture is that I replaced the sword on the original picture with the painting bush. The reason that I wanted To use painting brush for my significant object because of that painting also one of my hobbits. The brush is one of the most important tools for me to do more and more creative art works. For the skills that I learn from PhotoShop, I will do more practices and develop more interesting methods that useful for my next project with this software. For the next project, hopefully that I will not have any troubles of the software as before.

Surreal portrait

My Surreal Landscape

My Researches

My Original photo

My Ten Thumbnails

My Three Roughs

My Final Work

My piece is created by a major element which is water. It is me that looking at the sea and imagine the beautiful view of some of the aquatic organism such as the whale, coral and the bottle messages from other people. I tried to create the mysterious of the ocean with the deep blue shadows and the original color of my jacket. It could match the series of the blue of the ocean. My inspiration was came from my landscape, It made the interest for me to create my design around the element of water. The other reason was that I love the nature of ocean, I would like to draw and design more fantastic aquatic animals. The goal that I want to present from this portrait was to tell people protecting the ocean environment with those wonderful natural views. As we know that water is such a valuable material for our life, this design is telling people that aquatic world also need our hands to protect. The biggest problem that I needed to solve was that to connect the water with my portrait. I had to know the degree that I should put on and the color arrangement of those part with water and other objects. I solved it by knowing the color that is matching by each others and put on the objects on a correct degree to make it more truly. The coolest part of my design was that I make the water seem like mix with my original portrait. Made myself represent an ocean with colorful coral and those mysterious animals. For next project, I will also mix more objects with different properties together to make an amazing graphic design.

Photo PortRait

For the first portrait, I was using the back light in order to emphasize the pose that he made. Also to focus on the model's face . The second and the third one was using the side light. I choice them because of two reasons. First, was that the location that I stood was on the left side of the model and I still wanna bring out his face . The other reason was that this king of lighting will be able to show his personalities better. It may emphasize the manners of the model in different angles and poses.

From Steve Carty

When Steve was here I learned lots of key points from him about photography. I had learned that lighting is very important for shooting a picture. Different types of placement for the lighting which was back, front and side lighting was the most important factors that affecting the result of the pictures. For these skills, I will try to use more in my daily picture shooting. I hope I can use them to create more and more amazing pictures combine with the skills from Photoshop.

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