Pope Francis Argentina

Birth name: Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Other known names: Francis, Pope Francis, & Francis I

In September of 2015, Pope Francis became the first Pope to address the United States Congress.

Why was Pope Francis so important i Latin American history?

  • He was the first Pope from the Western Hemisphere
  • He was also the first Pope from South America
  • 1962 - He became a priest
  • 1973 - He took his final vows
  • 1973-1979 - He was the Head of the Jesuit province of Argentina
  • 1992 - Named auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aites
  • 1998 - He was elected to papacy and consecrated a cardinal in 2001

Economics: Money

In Argentina, during the rapid devaluation of the country's currency, Pope Francis chose: public transportation or traveled by foot, a simple downtown apartment

Religious & Ethical Systems: Morals, Guidelines, Beliefs, & Values

  • In his first speech of his papacy, Laudato si' ("Praise be to you") Pope Francis proclaimed that environmental degradation was a "moral issue" from greed and poor capitalism that caused human beings to lose sight of relationships that bring them together and caused them to neglect Earth

Cultural Interaction: Religion

  • Pope Francis became an outspoken advocate for the poor and able politician, promoting the church's position on social matters
Asserting the idea of "common home", Pope Francis spoke of the idea of "integral ecology"; He was connecting sinful actions against the natural world due to those taking advantage of impoverished human beings and the denial of human rights.


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