After Ever After BY:Jordan Sonnenblick : Samantha sanchez

What is an adversity? An adversity is going through a rough point of your life.
Jeff as a young boy went through a major adversity of leukemia, a type of cancer.Jeff was first diagnosed with leukemia when he was four years old. He had the support of his family every step of the way.
Jeffery had to go through chemo therapy to treat his cancer. This was called methotrexate which damage his mental focus and some nerves in his foot. Jeff had a survivor trait of being strong which helped him look to the better side of his cancer and wont give up hope of getting better. Jeff soon met his best friend tad and cleared for eight years.
”That Boy Who Had Cancer. There isn’t a kid in the grade who hasn't eaten spaghetti at church hall’s annual Alper family fun raiser dinner, or gotten dragged to a high school jazz band concert in my honor, or-god help me-bought a ‘Save Jeffery’ t-shirt.” This quote shows that he was strong.he is going through all this treatment and cancer and fundraisers to help pay for his treatment, Even though it was embarrassing.
Tad had also went through a major adversity when he was young. Tad had gone through having a brain tumor, going through treatment , brain surgery, getting another brain tumor, projectile vomiting, chemotherapy,radiation, or coming home with a hole in your skull to find out that your parents replaced you with a cute little healthy baby while your under the knife because you know, they didn't think they would lose you.
Tad overcame this adversity by having treatment to take care of his brain tumor and met his bets friend Jeffery Alper. Tad also had support from his family. Tads family always was there for him and cared for him very much. Tad is caring, strong, and sarcastic.
”Tad why are you always so mean to her? What do you mean? Stop it. I am serious. You're on her all the time. Why? Do you really want to know? I nodded. Truthfully, i always figured I'd probably die. And I thought, maybe it would be easier for everyone if Yvonne doesn't get too attached to me.” this shows how tad Tad is caring for his sister. This shows that he doesn't want to die and leave her in distress. Tad figures that if he is mean to her she will not get attached to him so when he is gone she will not be sad and miss him and she can live her life as if he was never there._
Finally, in the eighth grade being eight years cleared of his cancer he faces many adversities. His brother left to Africa, he is failing math,his friend has cancer again, he has state test, he is in love with Lindsey, And finally, his best friend dies before their graduation. He overcame these adversities by dating Lindsey, spending all the time he can with tad, Having tad tutor him, and accepting Tads diploma at their graduation to honor him and his family.
I force my feet to start moving. As I limp up the aisle, I notice that the entire stadium is eerily silent. My heart is pounding, and my lame foot feels like it has three bricks strapped to it, but I make it to the steps at the edge of the stage. I concentrate on lifting each foot as high as I can on the stairs. This would be a bad time for a face plant. Its only a few more feet to where the assistant principle is standing, waiting to hand me the diplomas and shake my hand. Jeff knows that he has to go on to honor Tad.
But, i'm paralyzed. TAD IS GONE. TAD IS GONE. This shows ho Tad passing away affected Jeffery and he is sad about his passing.
In the eight grade Tad faced some major adversities. Tad has acute graft versus host disease, has to get a bone marrow transplant, go through more treatment to take care of his cancer which came back,But Tad focused on helping Jeff pass his exams so he can graduate, wants Jeff to ignore his cancer, and he has to get people from all over the world to walk out on the state test. He overcame these adversities by going through treatment, getting a bone marrow transplant,helps Jeff focus on the test instead of his cancer, and he works with Lindsey to make a my face page and video to gte people to walk out on the state test.

I DON'T CARE! Get on the cant just quit on me. I’m not quitting on you I swear. Its just...i'm pretty dizzy lately and it hurts to walk. This quote shows how Jeff is worried about him and just wants to help him but tad is restraint to doing so and explains why he cant and why there was no point to Jeff but Jeff is worried and is freaked out. Tad explains how he is not well due to his cancer coming back but Jeffery is worried.

They scheduled my transplant, Jeff if my cancer is in remission there going to do it three days after the statewide. This quote shows how tad is very sensitive on this subject and wants to make sure that Jeffery knows and doesn't worry for him.

What is the theme? The theme of this novel is to always be there for someone because you never know what they might be going through and don't judge people based on their appearance or by their history or health. Always be there for someone because you never know when they'll need it most.

That’s right scared maybe they're afraid that what you have is contagious and if they share their pretzels with you they will have a gigantic glistening bump lump o death on their head. This quote explains how tad was always ignored after he came back to school. It also shows how they have to go through the neglection of fellow class mates when they need it most.

hi i'm Jeffrey i have cancer too he looks at me and says wow congratulations what do you want a medal for that that the day i met my best friend.. This shows how Jeffery is a nice and caring person because he knows that he if feeling scared by recent ignorance of classmates and he has been through it and how they went through a rough start back at school but soon became inseparable.

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