Donate to Room to Read

Room to Read is giving children ,mostly girls in developing countries education so they can have a smaller healthier family, lower the probability of girls contracting HIV, and help them earn higher wages. Also this will make it so as the children grow up they can educate their own children making it so other generations have at least a basic education.

In developing countries their are 77 girls for every 100 boys being educated

Tram is a girl from Vietnam who lived with her poor grandparents that could not afford to get her a bike to get to school. So her grandmother borrowed money to buy a bike so she can go to school and they joined the Room to Read Education program. Today Tram is in college. She says that she will never forget the first lesson she received. “I learned about the physical differences between boys and girls, how to take care of myself and not get into early marriage like my parents did,” Tram recalled. “It has been one of the most useful lessons I ever received and it’s something my family never would have taught me.” Today Tram is in college

The money you donate is going to girls like Tram that can not afford an education. $50 will be able to teach a child how to read and write for a year. $300 will be able to keep a girl in school for a year. $1000 will be able to provide a librarian and instruction materials for a classroom. $3000 will be able to keep 10 girls in school for a year.

Nashoba’s Humanities classes are doing many fundraising activities. ____________

Also, you can directly donate to the organization. Visit for more information.

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