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About Me

I am a second year Media and Communications student at Coventry University.

Email: Telephone: +44 7548 307797

Working Experiences:

In 2016, I did an internship at (Japanese apparel company) and I was given a rage of responsibilities to take care of. My main responsibilities include; Firstly, I was involving in the uploading of items onto our online shop website database and taking care of our collection and the orders. Furthermore, I was made in charge of inventory control i.e. confirming the items of package delivered, making a list of items and repacking the items for storage (specifies of each product such as the color names, the brand of the item, the design of it and so on). Afterwards, I kept in contacts with them and the second opportunity came up in London. I went to the Kempton Park market and Old Spitalfields market to buy antique items and vintage accessories that I was doing inventory management for the last time. It was rare to enable to accompany to the market with professional buyers and observe the whole buying trip. I did not expect that apparel could be one of options on future because I was looking for a placement within the typical media industry due to these great experiences; it helped me to expand my placement research. Through this, I felt the possibility of the apparel company being able to learn more for example; I have learned more in-depth understanding of the whole buying process. Furthermore, I made a good reputation and built up contacts during the internship in which led to make more opportunities.

Kempton Park Market and Old Spitalfields market (antique and vintage market)

Photography and Video

I had the opportunities to work with Japanese art university students on September 2016 and January 2017. Through those great experiences, I have learned how does my ideas appear on the screen by standing in front of the camera which is unable to realise unless I try to get both sides of the view. Furthermore, we were committed to exchange knowledge and encouraging collaboration between students studying in Japan and the UK.

  • @September, 2016 Mina Ito Tama Art University
  • @January 2017, Mina Ito Tokyo Studio Japan


I enjoy creating new ideas and working on new projects which helps me to expand my knowledge in relation to the art. Those are some of my work.

Compare own tradition with modern culture,

Course works

Convergent Media Platform_Web Magazine

This web magazine consists of four parts of web magazine (using a blog similar platform) considering acontemporary convergent media platforms and/or trans-media objects from four different methodological perspectives. Click the link below.

Advertising Campaign

TV Spot
Print advert
Critical Analysis

Our company is sports betting, name of ‘party bet’, which is a live streaming platform and community for sports betting. The main target audience is men age 18 to 40 years old. This age group can be said that a major part of social media users. What makes us consider targeting this specific age group is to change the image of traditional gambling to capture younger generations.

(Age restrictions apply) According to the website Gamble Aware (2015), as a general rule, the minimum legal age for gambling in the UK is 18 years old. This applies to adult gambling centers, betting shops, bingo halls, casinos, racetracks and online gambling. (The exceptions to this are national lottery, lotteries and football pools). We are allowed to take part in these from the age of 16 years old as well as some non-commercial gambling or low stakes and prizes gambling. However, some gambling machines such as coin pushers, teddy grabbers and some lower stakes fruit machines in family entertainment Centre and amusement accused do not have a minimum legal age and are open to anyone. Note that a person who is over the age 16 and under 18 who participates in gambling (not permitted under these exemptions) is also guilty of a criminal offence. Therefore, there is an obligation to strictly set the age verification system to prevent sixteen year-olds and under eighteen years old minority from using it. Originally, people can complete the procedure online.

(Print advert) This participatory campaign can be collected/found on the sports and gossip magazines such as Four Four Two and The Best Eleven. It could also be an adult magazine like Men Only. The poster/invitation card depicts a butler handing out an invitation card. On the bottom of this invitation card there is a code under the grey area which the users have to scratch and once they scan it with their phones i.e. take a picture of it via the application, they can gain access to our website and then the lucky winners get free betting. This activity plays an important role in the introduction of our company. The message of this campaign is to manifest in the range of people and an overall sense that Party Bet is only on your side. At this stage, it can be said that the procedure of attaining a Party Bet ticket/invitation adds value to our brand image and it provides it with a competitive edge over other betting companies since it is targeting only those who buy magazines and are able to recognize our advertisement in other words, it can produce a kind of the sense of superiority that only these specific person can acquire. Our company color is yellow and black, which makes our brand name stand out and visible. The colors yellow and black are eye-catching enough to be recognized in the magazine adverts so that people can easily attain the tickets. Furthermore, the visuals of the invitation card were constructed in such a way as to instill a sense of mystery and ‘wanting to know’ through the character we have used in the poster and invitation card. The character has no face/identity; he is wearing gloves and is quite formally dressed. These attributes stimulate ambiguity i.e. he has nothing that people can recognize him by, his race is unknown and he appears to be a butler. This was set up in such a way to make people feel like Party Bet is something that is foreign to them in order to increase it’s intriguing factor. People are attracted to something they do not know. This is why the visuals of our campaign were so closely paid attention to.

(TV spot) In the beginning of the video, the women prepare to go out to ‘party’. A woman is shown as picking up the invitation card before leaving for a night out. This is linked to the print advert, which comprises of the magazine invitation card. In the next scene, we put four different situations such as in toilet, on the street, in elevator and in the kitchen. They are all holding digital devices like a laptop or smartphone to give a sense of a spread out Party Bet community. Our plan is to showcase this advert during commercial breaks for sports matches. I believe that our target audience especially young adults do not watch TV much therefore we would more focus on social media commercials such as YouTube. The advantage of YouTube commercializing is by knowing how many people actively played/watched it is an important factor to develop our marketing strategy. The cost will be calculated in accordance with the number of people playing it, which is a highly efficient way of research as well. It will be advertised through television across many countries. The song we used in our video is “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors. The semiotic reason why we selected this song is concerned with the lyrics is of it (“This is gonna be the best day of my life”.). We aim to reflect the perception amongst audiences that we can open the door to a wide range of experiences and create something that is new or unique. Sports’ betting already exists, many people are immersed in the sports betting life but through party betting, once it will be released into the market, it will be perceived by users as a completely fresh approach to sociable match watching and match betting. It urges people to be more involved with one another and therefore share a better experience of sports together. In the end, we put our link and hash-tag with our slogan; “no matter where you are, join our party”, which prompts the audience to have direct access to Party Bet. As compared to one of our competitors, bet 365, they hired a well-known British celebrity, Ray Winstone, who embodies the image of a manly, tough and a generic UK football fan. Unlike bet 365, we do not have a target image in mind. We want our users to be spread out and diverse. It is because of this that we have used a bunch of different actors to support our diverse image to try getting all sorts of people involved in sports similar to how our poster conveys an image of diversity and the feeling that ‘it could be anyone.’

(Digital strategy) Our digital strategy entails of three major platforms: via the online web, via smart phones and via chatrooms. The first platform comprises of our website which users can gain access to through their invitation cards. After which, they are required to use their smart phones to scan the code on these cards. Lastly, after gaining access they can engage with other party bet users online via our chatrooms and because our main website host will be live streaming site, users will be able to live-stream the match. For the betting, there will be an option to pay online. In recent times, live broadcasting and live streaming has a fierce competition among a number of services such as TwitCasting, NicoNico, Periscope and For instance, Periscope is a live video distribution service that allows users to log in using Twitter account. is one of the biggest live streaming platforms in the world and it is specialized for computer games. application corresponding to smartphones and tablets are also distributed. By making it an application, people can access from their smart phone or tablet, enabling initial registration and the setting can be done more easily. Both also have communication functions such as commenting, liking and favorite channel registration system. On the other hand, since this service has only recently begun, it can be said that publicity is not very high so that it would be unlikely for us to reach our target audience. For all the above reasons, we will advertise to the users to improve convenience by push-distributing the trial version of contents desired by people who are not resistant to online communication. In order to reach a large number of audiences we aim to use live streaming services on digital devices. Our plan to advertise our product is through a variety of social media platforms as well as through technological advancements. We aim to target YouTube users; we have a variety of targeting options like age, location and interest that assist us to reach the fitting customer. Furthermore, with Facebook being a major communication platform, we want to take advantage of uploading our video onto our Facebook Page so that people can be encouraged to share the video and market it that way. Lastly, it is important for us to know what matches are most in demand and what people would want us to stream on specific days so we feel that by using Twitter, we can conduct online surveys through polls to aid us in extracting this information and also with the help of Facebook statuses, we can review the results of the Twitter polls and see what feedback people leave us. In terms of technological advancements, we aim to hopefully construct a Party Bet application that users can download. It will notify people about the updates within our application and inform them of the record of betting which will show the results of it. Another mission statement is to enhance the website settings. When compared to our competitor such as William Hill and Bet 365, they are providing services in twenty different languages. Responding to the languages of other countries is extremely important to operate worldwide, especially for us as you can see in the TV advert; one of our strengths is that we are a multinational company. We should be easy to begin with for beginners and we will provide them with free betting tips on our website. Users can simulate and practice in order to know how the system works before they start betting with real money. It might be helpful for them to reduce the burden in the future. User support could also be required as part of customer service. It is important to show that we are committed to responsible gambling. We can take an example of Bet 365 who warns their users who can get the urge to gamble pathologically. They advise them to manage these urges and control the money and time they spend on gambling. In this way, our plan is to provide support for people who fall victim to such issues and do our best to prevent users from facing those problems.

The Hidden City

We have put together a murder mystery experimental narrative by utilising Coventry's culture, background and versatile city structure.

poster, friendship tree and play role
Critical analysis

Our project is called “The missing murderer” which is a murder mystery based on Coventry’s historic back ground and versatile city structure. Basically, we created five unique characters by using fake Facebook pages and the story is a main character; Charlotte Lodge goes missing after a set of strange Facebook posts by friends and family. About plot ideas, Netflix documentary series, podcasts, news stories and novels inspired us. The participant move to the event spot according to the Google map, collect information/hints from Facebook pages (included Facebook messages), letter/notes between characters, and get points after all of the story are collected. We believe Facebook is malleable media platform, three main reasons why we choose Facebook; firstly, accessibility, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed one billion in a single day (Zuckerberg, 2015). Furthermore, Facebook has the most tools as it was mandatory to find a space to enrich every character in our story therefore making fake Facebook profiles enable us to produce more practical character designs and images. Furthermore, making those visible connections between the story and audience can be drawn into our intricately plotted murder mystery.

Humans are fascinated with murder however disturbing that humans in their nature simply cannot look away or not be interested in such a spectacle. To create a safe Murder Mystery in the center of Coventry allows inhabitants to immerse themselves in such an interesting taboo topic and eliminate the distress of unknown and achieve cognitive closure. It is also an important future task for us to keep the participants from imitating, being adversely affected by this game.

Our target audience will be age eighteen to thirty, mainly women because we felt that women tend to interested in crime TV shows and the mystery behind our story is more likely to present in women side rather men. Thought we cannot approve of suicide ending, female audience could sympathize with the feelings, which provoked it. Although the demographic for crime dramas tend to be that of a higher age, we felt the involvement of trans-media means crime drama is accessibility to a younger generation because, we do not have much visual senses therefore we think it will not influence ‘committed suicide’ directly.

The aim of producing the Google my map is to tell stories through providing missions and those missions lead participants to play the role of virtual reality in physical activity settings. In terms of physical activity, we have to make the missions related to locations in Coventry. For example, a mission in Coventry Transport museum will be like “Get an item available only in this museum”, at Barclays bank; “Connect to Barclays Wi-Fi and read a new story coming out”, at University of Warwick; “Find a place where they always been using for meeting, take a picture and post it on our Facebook pages”. Participates can communicate each other by sharing information but it is necessary we will keep refreshing our pages to avoid leaking out answers every day. Furthermore, it can be said that this will be able to achieve increasing effects of advertisement with walking around Coventry.

I feel that ARG can provide a great structure of murder mystery. ARG is an abbreviation for Adventure games/events performed around hundreds to millions of people in the real world. This can be said that new campaign method that increased the effect of the reviews by active tale experiences. An activity, which allows participants to have extraordinary experiences through storytelling. A combination of fake documentary (creative facts) and audience participation can reach a new level of advertisement. It is mainly a mystery or suspense genre, which can participate in inference as being the inhabitant of the story. The most important feature is "the intersection of everyday space and narrative space". Like a 'mysterious movie' that came up to the video site, or suddenly an unclear article was posted on the website. As soon as people noticed it, they became one of the participants of the game at the moment of searching. When gathering information hidden in a vast Internet space little by little, you can see a big story behind you. When the story progresses, participants will also be able to an exchange with the characters of the story. It will also be searching for puzzles and key items in the "real world city", and it will also cooperate with other participants. The main character here is the participant himself who is in the real world therefore it can makes a participant him/herself becoming a part of the story. Furthermore, this can reach our goal that murder being part of pop-culture at the moment. We would like to improve murder mystery, as it’s a comparison to our normal lives such as there is loads of terminology on it.

Analysis of Media Text

In this writing assignment, I discussed how narrative, transmediality and genre those factors might influence audience interpretation by using a specific example: Jungle Book (2016).

(NARRATIVE) Rudyard Kipling wrote the original book that became this film in 1894. This was a construction of a collection of 7 short stories. The Jungle Book (2016) was inspired by Walt Disney’s Jungle Book (1967) which dealt with 3 selected stories: “Mowgli’s Brothers”, “Kaa’s hunting” and “Tiger! Tiger!” The 1967 version makes the storyline simplified and emphasizes comedy and musical elements. The 2016 version focuses more on the psychological description and the audience can identify better with Mowgli’s mind growth. It can be replaced with different perspectives for different audiences. For instance, this can be applied to the scene in the movie where Mowgli is shown as being part of the wolf pack even though he is not a wolf himself, this makes him appear to be as a nuisance in both the wolf society as well the human one because he does not fit in perfectly with either of them. His differences separate him from being categorized into one specific society. This can be compared to a real life situation as well whereby individuals with dual nationalities may experience similar sympathies as Mowgli’s character and would relate better to him than those with singular nationalities would. In this aspect, it can be argued that the central character in the film is shown to be struggling to find him and link his character to a specific identity that a lot of people from the audience can relate to through their own experiences. Roland Barthes (1997) argued about the effect of eye-line shot/eye-line match. Naturally, the audience can share the same view as the character and what the character is seeing. By the audience sharing the view, it will enable them to become the character’s position and deeply involved in the story. To share the view is not necessary to comply with the character or affirm the character’s position. It is one of the ways in which the film allows audiences to access the fictional reality and the dramatic action. What the character is watching and the sense that the audience is watching is different and there are cases that the size of the object is aerial shot or only a part of the person the character is talking to is shown like a only the back of the head is reflected in the screen. The 1967 version relies on to physical connection between the character and the audience. The point of view according to the camera angle does not change many times; it is an overview (third person perspective) angle. However, sometimes the perspective changes to that of a personal view from the audience of the character when the character of either Mowgli or Baloo interrogates the audience to form interaction with them. The opposite can be seen in the 2016 version whereby the camera angles follow the characters and their narrative in the sense that whenever they are seen talking to another character we see things from their point of view instead of looking at it from a bird’s eye view. For instance, in the scene where Mowgli is running from threat or danger, the camera angles allow us to experience the same sense of fear or threat. To examine dialogues clarifies deeper character’s personality and position. For example, as a part of begging senses, Bagheera, he says, “I realized you were not born wolf but could you please act like that?” This will be the first impression of him for audiences and define his position in the film. The next symbolic description is a sense in the water whole. When Mowgli fetched the water with hand-made cup, he told Mowgli to stop using human wisdom, “No more tricks”. Second sense offered in the middle part, when Mowgli collected honey from the top of the cliff using human wisdom for Baloo then again, he reminds Mowgli to “What did I say about your tricks? No more tricks”. He is treating Mowgli as just a wolf because he knows that everyone in the jungle fear his growth might break the power balance and he is teaching the discipline of the jungle. Conversely, Baloo, he introduces more positive aspects of the jungle and teach how to be your-self. Originally, his character is like a father figure to Mowgli and a position to reprimand. In the 2016 version, he is a symbol of freedom and a key character to make Mowgli aware to be your-self. Mowgli started to consider what is his identity and act oneself with his own creativity. And finally, he will consider about surrounding more than him-self and from sacrificing first and foremost the team in the jungle. In those parts, I regard that producers were conscious that the balance of emotions is very important to express.

(Transmediality) Transmediality defines how different types of media can tell the same story, how it extended the story through other media, what parts of the story are told through the different media forms and what parts are told on social media. Taking advantages of individual features while maintaining the whole world-view and reading across the media sustain a depth of experience that motivates more consumption. At the same time, ‘redundancy’ is of particular concern to offer new level of insight and provide experiences, in which refresh the franchise and sustain consumer loyalty (Jenkins, p.96). When it compared with Disney version, he just seems like to be protected by Baloo and Bagheera however he makes decision on his own and a story move on from a crisis situation. Raksha, she is protector and an eternal mother. In the film, it clearly shows a strong bond with Mowgli. When he decided to leave jungle, she objected until the end. Her existence could be effective to expand the target audience age range of this film for example, taking the family along. Both of the versions follow an old typical pattern of opening and closing credit style of Disney animations. The beginning of the film begins with an opening ancient story book that narrates the introductory story line via a narrators voice and after the title of the movie disappears (transitions/cut/fade) and narration starts to tell a story with ‘Once upon a time’. This technique signifies the begging of the story to the audience used in Snow white (1937), Cinderella (1950), Sleeping beauty (1959) and The Jungle Book (1967). They used this only at the end. The film ends on a shot of 3 main characters; Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera on the tree which then turns into an illustration from a book of “The Jungle Book”. After it ends, it is then opened again as characters from the film include a song, “I wanna be like you” and the credits with pops up. I would say this is homage to those old Disney animations and also a unique way of showing end credit through progressive visuals. In the Jungle book film series, the role of musical elements is of huge importance to connect between senses and the lyrics describes character emotional changes or development. The 2016 version is also using 3 songs from 6 songs Disney animation such as “Bare necessities”, “I wanna be like you” and “Trust in me”. The meaning will change when the same song uses in the different scene. They also produced game and gift shops in the Disney land resort, which gained inspiration from the film, and on the building facade, characters of "Jungle Book" are drawn, and motifs such as beautiful Indian jungle and palace are designed in the store. After watching the film, experienced as an amusement park attraction can keep attracting audiences to the Jungle book.

(GENRE) According to Long.T and T.Wall (n.d), “genre can be through of as a signifying system, which relies on sets of codes and conventions shared by both producers and readers of texts.” (Long.T and T.Wall, p.54). Syntagmatic can express spatial relationships, such as stories and music (temporal things) defined as "what goes first and what comes later". Visible symbolic expressions can use one or more than one dimensions at the same time. Spatial syntagmatic is like a painting and a photo. Particularly, in the case of the film, understanding of individual senses depends on the analysis of syntactic and paragraph. Besides temporal syntagmatic, it includes spatial syntagmatic like a still picture. Incorporating into the flow of another scene even in the same scene, it becomes a completely different interpretation. In order to avoid making a genre redundant and unattractive to audience, it is necessary to challenge something new and seek different approaches such as the development of technology might be one of the triggers to create new values for existing audiences and reach different groups of new audiences (Long.T and T.Wall: n.d). As a produce, Jon Favreau said, this was a great opportunity to do completely virtual approach. Only live action character in the film is Mowgli. He found this project aggressive in using computer technology to build a worldview. In the making video, we can only see shooting with blue back sets which can not imaged from the sense of a jungle with beautiful vegetation and an impressive river. Shooting itself was all done in the studio in Los Angeles, the USA. All the characters can be designed differently and as regarding the way of nature expression, they seems like to seek more artistic and make changes, as resemble the real jungle. As a result of thorough research after pursuing reality, the beautiful image effect is a kind of stage device that makes audiences immerse the audience into the story without stress. The axis of time and selection of events are the first process to decide the whole story structure. Taking the example of the 2016 version, failure in the training with Bagheera: Mowgli picked a wrong tree to move from tree to tree and when Mowgli rescued a child elephant from the whole leads to the ending parts. A dead tree is a key factor to combine through the whole story. By impressing in the beginning of the scene, the important scene of the last battle with Shere Khan will be more dramatically directed. The meaning behind the sense is slightly different as selected. The reason why the group of monkeys attacked Mowgli was interested in his intelligence and made him leader however it narrowed down to a strong reason as for the desire of King Louis. The conclusion of the old jungle book shows Mowgli going back to live amongst the village folk- the song “my own home” which is not exactly considered his home in the beginning of the movie. This shows that the genre of the film is not only fantasy but it is also sub generic of drama and reality which can be further seen to be brought out in the new version of the Jungle Book whereby Mowgli successfully builds his own identity through managing the life of nature as well as the urban life. By changing the size of the character itself, it makes possible to keep the same perspective as the main character Mowgli and regardless of gender and age can enjoy the film. For example, King Louie, the 2016 version made him an orangutan to a 12 feet tall monkey (it is also said a Gigantopithecus) and in the case of Kaa, though there is no explanations about Kaa’s sex, it is clearly changed to female side as Kaa’s voice actress is Scarlett Johansson.

To sum up, narrative, transmediality and genre, these elements are very important foundation in the process of making a media work and enrich the concept itself. Moreover, on the production side, new preferences will be required instead of relying on existing ones or high technologies. The 2016 version comprehend within the scope of the Jungle Book of understanding that is widely deployed as original books and Disney animated versions and incorporated their new selected elements such as the emphasis on character find that the focus on characters motivation and conflict.

Guest Speaker Reflections

  1. Johnny fewness media consultancy: Johnny Fewness is record and film industry veteran of over forty years. He had been working in a Virgin, some film companies and universal studio. Currently, his main responsibilities include; buying films (approximately 20 films per year) and managing a whole project. He emphasized that we can bring what’s sparkling in our head on the screen easier than the past few years due to the rapid development of technology. He took an example of ‘run gun shoot’ from no film school that a camera shoots a taxi from behind with a roller blade; it has been made available to take unique continuous shot by using a roller blade. It becomes able to have a shot on a low budget, which used to take with a helicopter. According to that, it can make huge different in funding. When he was 23 years old and started working in media industry, I was surprised that there were no knowledge needed for it. Because, I strongly believed that certain skills are requirement to enter this industry. As can be said in any industry, to maintenance human resources are being faced with a tough situation, especially in media field, the role of human resources should not be neglected. I feel that cultivation of human is the main task of the committed to developing the future leader of industry however, this will entails additional costs.
  2. Abbie Trayler-Smith- Document and Portrait Photographer: Abbie Trayler Smith who is a documentary and portrait photographer as based in London. First of all, she explained us how she felt about her job when she stared to consider the placement after university. She did not expect that taking pictures would be realized as a job. ‘Photographer’ did not sound realistic and more likely hobby for her. Her working experiences started from the Daily Telegraph as a photographer. As time passed, she got confused ‘what does photograph mean to her’ because she assumed an important role during eight years in company therefore; it was difficult to make own career plainly. The point is that she realized that her style would not fit in newspaper field and decided to move on from the Daily telegraph. It is crucial to take charge of your own career. After resigning form the Daily Telegraph, she started to keep a diary by taking random pictures and that made her rethink of her life. From my understanding, there is so much more to do if you do not belong to a company. After going to freelance, she doesn’t have any contracts of employment therefore, her salary were not stable at all but, she attaches importance to make her projects visible and tell a story through the photograph instead. "Determination and passion is something you in whatever aspect of the industry you are going to be"; she said that at the beginning of the lecture. I agree with her state up to a point but it should be difficult to make it happen. Most of them consider that you should not risk your all on a single venture. Personally, I think I am not a person who is able to manage own performance and development.
  3. Lauren Bromley - WPR Digital Marketing Agency: Lauren Bromley is social media manager from WPR Digital Marketing Agency. Most of her experiences are totally understandable for us especially about internships. When she went to career talks in her university, a staff introduced sort of PR jobs (which exactly what she is doing right now). She applied several internships and got a house-marketing job of two months however, it was not paid and it did not match her ability as a result, it turned out to be meaningless. As she suggested, it was valuable opportunity to realize that more research is needed on the fields you are interested in. We could utilize internships to improve knowledge/skills you may need and also take a more in depth look at companies.

Group Careers Project_Journalism Professionalism

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