Are Olympics about More than Sports? By: Sadie Giumarra

Olympics are about More than Sports!

Through out the history of the Olympics there have been many different opinions about what the Olympics are all about. But I have decided that the overall purpose of the Olympics is not on just sports. For example, in SQ 1 Source A at the beginning of the Olympics it says, "The Games served as part if a religious festival honoring Zeus." So, the Olympic games did not start as just a big sports competition. There are more reasons that support that the Olympics are about more that sports which I'm going to explain in the rest of this presentation.

Ancient Olympics in Greece

The Three main Focuses of the Olympics.

The three main focuses of the Olympics are according to SQ 2 Sources are Excellence, Friendship, and Respect. Most of the athletes that come to the Olympics focus on those three things.

Excellence- The first focus of the Olympic games according to SQ 2 Source C is Excellence which means to have the athlete give one’s best, without measuring oneself with others, and reaching one’s personal best. Not about winning about making progress against personal goals.

Friendship- In the video on SQ 2 Source B they talked about how building a peaceful and better world through team spirit on sports. Trying to overcome political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge friendships in spite of those differences.


Respect- The second focus according to SQ 2 Source C is Respect which means Represents the ethical principle that should inspire all those who participate in the Olympic programs.

The Fact that the Olympics Bring people Together!

Friendship- About understanding others and people across the world despite the differences. Most people don't come to get metals they come to make friends from different places in the world to introduce yourself to different cultures and to get interested in new thing in life.


Teamwork- at the Olympics you learn even if you want to do the work by yourself you have to work together. You also learn how to work together to get things done.

SQ 2 Source A- “Brought together to one locality of the globe the products of the most distant lands; literary or scientific congresses have brought together.”

This quote shows that the Olympics were made to bring people from different places in the world and bring together different cultures. The Olympics also use the things that you love (like sports) to bring all those people together.

The Olympics are also about the Arts!

SQ 3 Source B- "As to theater, playwrights should allow sports to inspire them... Sports Club in turn could engage in amateur dramatics."

This quote shows that theater should be a part of the Olympics not just because it allows sports to inspire them it also allows more people to have the experience of going to the Olympics.

Art is used even in the Olympic symbol

SQ 3 Source B- "As to the decoration of the sport events, the clothing of the participants wear in the parades should reflect their individual disciplines."

This quote shows that the people that make the participants clothes that they were in the parade should get more credit by getting individual credit for their talent in the area.

SQ 3 Source B- "As to Dance, it was demanded that it returned to a more athletic way of expression."

This quote shows that dance should be part of the Olympics not only because it is a sport it is a way to show expression the way you would in art, but in a athletic way.

That is why I believe that the Olympics are about more than sports because it is about the three main focuses of the Olympics, Unity, and the arts!


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