"Last Night was actually quite busy DURING 7PM-8PM. Not THE greAtEST NUMBERS OF MACHINES SOLD but lot on capsules"


"It was really busy. I made LIQUEUR espressos with whipped cream and cappuccinos and gave out leaflets. I delayed the drink making process to explain the machine, hopefully some people will take something from it. No sales as a result, although people said they would consider it when they hadn't heard of it previously, and largely we noticed people weren't spending money during the night in our depARTMENT"


I'M AFRAID I WASN'T ABLE TO TAKE ANY pictures BUT THE GENERAL feedback was THAT it was so quiet in Bluewater. we sold two machines and I was THE ONLY DEMONSTRATOR who sold Any coffee machines- so that was good! ...even NesPresso sold nOTHING!"


"It was fairly quiet in the day but the event itself was busy and I think I must have done over 20 demonstrations and most were actually genuinely interested in the machine. I sold one on the night and have at least two customers coming back at some point to purchase a machine. I definitely think it is worth doing these events as it certainly attracts a lot of footfall and means that we can see customers who we normally wouldn't get to see"


"I didn't make any sales but I did the most demos I've ever done so it definitely got the brand out there! I've attached a few photos of my set up anyway. I was promoted to my usual kitchen space this time, rather than my tiny table, so I was demonstrating next to Nutribullet/cocktails. Got a lot of second-hand attention that waY"


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