Samurai Project By: jade bahung (period 6)

A 'lil bit of Japan's history...

Map of Japan (Clans)

Japan became a military society when the government started losing money and the government lost authority over landholders.

Government Structure

Daimyo, Shogun, Samurai, etc.....

Japanese Daimyo

Daimyos were Japanese lords with large amounts of land.

Daimyos were estate owners that didn't even have to pay taxes to the government.

Daimyos had their own armies and samurais.
Shogun: most important daimyo.

Shogun means, "supreme commander of the army."

Since the emperors had little "real" power, the Shoguns ruled on the empower' behalf.

Great shoguns like Minamoto Yoritomo led more than just the army, they led the country.


A samurai's main job was to protect their lord and the lord's family, in exchange of land or money.

They had be fearless, courageous warriors that were ALWAYS willing to go into battle to fight for their lord, even if they could not protect their own family.

Samurai lived by the Bushido, which was an "unwritten code of conduct" that called for loyalty, bravery, and honor.

Samurai had to pledge their respect for gods and kindness to the poor. They followed Zen Buddhism because it helped them value the importance of self discipline.

Samurai were taught to think that dying an honorable death was better than living a long life. If they refused to go into battle...

....they would have to perform Seppuku, which was the traditional act of suicide after backing out of a battle. Samurai HAD to perform Seppuku in order to protect their m further disgrace and danger.

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