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Ruler of Thirds

The Photo with the purple flower is close to the center, but more up to the left. This is a picture of the Rule of thirds. The focus point of the photo is the flower or the subject of the photo. The photo is about 2/3 up and 1/3 left. Which lands it on one of the four focus points of the pictures.

Leading Lines

The photo with the white shed with a black color roof shows leading lines. The eye follows the concrete or the gravel road to the building. The line curves around the building making the line disappear on the corner. This make the line to a vanishing point.


The Picture of the bee on the blue flower. This is a photo of Macro photography. It's hard getting picture of living animals and insects an for them to stay still. The eye of the photo or the point of view is bee on the flower. The photo is centered. The bee and flowers are in the middle of the photo from cropping some of the photo out. The shadows are increased by the highering the contrast a bit.


The photo with the Crista leaning on a brick wall is used for portrait photography. The editing was simple by messing around with the brightness and contrast tool. But the hardest was using the color curved tool or known as the curves tool. I mess with the lighting for a bit and than add a bit of red to make the brick a light orange color. The concrete between each brick on the wall was darken.To make it seem a bit darker and to look a little bit older and worned out.

Still Life

The picture of the dragon with the drawings of Fairies. The picture started with getting rid of the yellow dots on it with the airbrush tool. To pick the colors around it by using the color picker tool. The shine of the dragon’s eyes were increase in size a bit with smudge tool and was used for the background a bit. The airbrush and smudge was used to draw the fairies. Airbrush for the color of the fairies. The smudge tool was used to mix the colors of the fairy together to make them neat in their own way.


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