3 Weeks Until Class EDUC 504: Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDUC 504 Students: We have about 3 weeks before our first day of class. So, in order to stay on pace with pre-course assignments, you should finish the following assignments 3 weeks prior to class.

Assignments 3 Weeks Prior to Class

IN ORDER TO PACE YOURSELF, COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING ASSIGNMENTS 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO CLASS: Technically, pre-course assignments are not officially due until the morning before our first intensive session. Wise students, however, pace themselves according to the pacing guide in the syllabus.


Knight: chapters 4-5; continue to work on Vocabulary Chart as you read.


Add Pragmatism and Existentialism sections.

Faith, Freedom, & Public Schools (FFPS)

Print out Notes Templates from “Faith, Freedom, & Public Schools” and complete them as you do modules 3-5; take quizzes 3-5 in Bb.

ProEthica: Modules 3-4

Educational Thinker

Research the Educational Thinker you selected last week.

Post-Course Papers

There are two papers that are due after the intensive. Some students, however, like to begin writing the papers before we meet together. That's up to you. If you do, please don't submit them until after the class is over. You most likely will want to go back and make some revisions after our intensive.


I recommend that you go to Blackboard and scroll down to the bottom of the Announcements page to ensure that you don’t miss any important announcements that were posted earlier.

See you in 3 weeks!

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