Tails of Trump

Donald Trump is somehow the current president of the United States despite his belligerent racism. This tweet is relevant to the course through the lens of racism. A person, no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender should not be discriminated against or called a ''problem''. Muslims account for just under 5 percent of the United Kingdom's population and the UK is not trying to disguise anything.

The main reason I believe Donald trump posted this tweet is due to the war against ISIS. ISIS is an Islamic extremist group who commits acts of terror. Trump has taken this group of people and uses them to stereotype the Muslim population. Racism is a true issue in our world and with the president of the United States being a racist there is little hope of this changing.

This post is uniformed and generalizes the Muslim population of the United Kingdom to be negative. It is very concerning coming from the leader of such a large nation especially as social media enables him to reach and influence the minds of many. As an elected official Trump represents America poorly as bigoted misogynist nation.


Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "Donald Trump- Caricature"

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