Noah Eian Dumanon

Noah's full name- Noah

Noah's Family

His wife- no name mentioned, which conceived three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Shem- Eldest Son, and where the genealogy of Jesus continues.

Ham- second son, and his grandson was the father of the Tower of Babel, which became Babylon later on.

Japheth- youngest son which begat Javan, which later on his descendants became the ancestors of the Roman Empire.

Noah was a Farmer/Carpenter; however when God told him to start prophesying to the people, he became a Prophet.

Faithful as he is, he obeyed and followed God's command and he preached for as long as God wanted him to. The earth was filled with sin and building this ark as a means to evacuate while the God is destroying the world is the topic the Noah was preaching about.

Noah is very famous for building the ark.

There is no biblical evidence about Noah saying anything, but I want to emphasize his preaching.

In the latter days, just right before God will send another "flood", we have to be strong in our faith or on what we really think and believe who God really is. There will be a lot of fanaticism, chaos, anarchy in nations, natural disasters, and a lot more ways the devil uses to try to break the cord between God and us.

A Life Lesson from this story:

Noah diligently obeyed the command of God; no matter how hard it was, no matter how long it took him to finish it.

We all have bosses in our lives. It may be your parents, teachers, pastor, or anyone you are working for. Like Noah, we must be diligent in everything we are assigned to: it may be a chore; it may be a project or a huge assignment; it may be a part at your local church or outreach; it can be any single assignment you are assigned to do. We must do our best in everything we do.

A Spiritual lesson:

Noah was faithful to God. He did everything the lord said, he was very patient, and no matter what people call him, he still keeps doing the Lord's work.

We should be faithful and do everything the Lord says. Doesn't matter if you lose a lot; Doesn't matter if you will be judged; your reward is the kingdom of heaven.


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