This is a sneak peek into our unique camper values program, called STARFISH, that we teach and live by at camp all summer long. Our hope is that you, our counselors, buy into these values and help us instill them in your campers this summer! We will go into further detail once we meet in person, but we wanted to at least give you a taste of one of the most defining aspects of our our Tyler Hill Camp program.


Sportsmanship - Win with class, lose with grace, compete fairly without rancor

Tolerance - Respect for the behavior, practices & opinions of others

Appreciation - Recognize & express gratitude for what you have been given

Respect - Valuing others for who they are, deferring where appropriate

Friendship - Valuing & liking another as much or more than one’s self

Integrity - Being true to yourself & honest when no one is looking

Sensitivity - Responding empathetically to the condition & feelings of others

Helpfulness - Volunteering to help others and do that which is not required

Every week we meet as a full camp on Friday evenings to celebrate these values and recognize campers and counselors who exhibit them. But they are more than a one-time-a-week conversation, they set the tone and the basis for everything we do all summer at Tyler Hill.

We can't wait for you to see how it all works!

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