Nature Museum A Good life presentation by gray Bean

Nature on Display- One of the more unique exhibits at the museum was the Hall of Florida Fossils. It caught my eye for two reasons, the first being the ginormous shark jaws that were "Jaw-dropping" (pictured above). The second reason was that it separated itself from the other exhibits that none of the pieces were alive or alive recently, this exhibit was almost about the history of nature, what was alive all of those years ago before humans were even close to stepping foot on the earth. This exhibit shows viewers the sheer size and features of those organisms that ruled the world before we got here.

Nature and Ethics- The butterfly rain forest is probably the most popular attraction at the museum and for good reason. In this exhibit not only do you get to learn about nature, you get to experience it. When we talk about ethics in nature this exhibit definitely does a good job of presenting nature ethically. All of the organisms in the exhibit are put in there ideal habitat and are able to live their natural lives uninterrupted by the fact that they are also apart of an exhibit. I along with every other visitor was able to glimpse into the nature of butterflies and feel the tranquility of the created habitat, but the exhibit is also ethical and that is the perfect example of what a museum exhibit should be.

Nature and the Human Spirit-The exhibit that I chose to represent and capture the mystery and human spirit of nature was a little harder to capture due to poor lighting (pictured above). The cave exhibit opened a whole new world to me as far as nature goes, because normally when I think of nature something like the butterfly rain forest pops into my head. Nature usually means trees, flowers, and bodies of water, but the cave exhibit represents a whole unexplored world with organisms and wonders that are strangely beautiful. The cave exhibit represents the mysterious aspect of nature that the museum can show and inspire into hundreds of visitors just like myself.

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