Clubs Collaborate to Host Día de Los Muertos Celebration by: Callista Mille

M-A's DREAM club hosted a Día de los Muertos celebration on the green Wednesday in collaboration with the Cosmetology, Bridge, Dance, Intercambio, and LUMA clubs. This Mexican holiday is typically celebrated in many Latin American countries to remember deceased loved ones. Music, food, and arts and crafts highlighted this eventful day, photographed below.

Students put up decorations such as colorful skulls and replicas of the marigold flower, known as the "flower of the dead."
Students added pictures of their loved ones to commemorate them.
The Cosmetology club painted faces with the traditional catrina (skull) makeup.
The Bridge club sold sugar skulls at lunch.
The Intercambio club successfully sold their arroz con leche (rice pudding) to students.
The Bears enjoyed fruta picada sold by the Latin American Studies class.
Spanish teachers Nichole Barlow and Salvadora Calonje enjoyed cups of fresh fruit while watching the performance on the green.
Seniors enjoy some of the celebration's traditional foods.
Created By
Callista Mille