Being Young and In Love Rebecca Johnson

December 2014, our two best friends convinced us to go to Busch Gardens. Little did we know this would end in being a double date. A lot of people say relationships that start in high school wont last but we knew this would.
Five short months later we were getting ready for our senior prom, falling madly in love.
Graduation day. Two weeks later I was on my way to Texas and he was staying in our home town. We ended up being four hours away from each other for college. We knew the distance would be worth it even though everyone said it wouldn't last.
The distance was hard but we always found a way to see each other, even if it was only for a day.
I made the big decision to transfer to his college for second semester. February 11, 2016 we went on a snowboarding trip where he proposed. Once again, it seemed like the world was against us. I was 18 and he was 19. Everyone thought we were too young and crazy to even think about getting married.
April 26, 2016 we decided to elope.... secretly.
After a crazy school year and getting married we decided to celebrate at Disney World. This was only the start of our journey we had so much more ahead of us. Little did we know we would spend about 80% of our first year of marriage apart.

We did have the big wedding.. 2 weeks before he left for basic training.

My maid of honor.

The wedding party

Statistics say 54% of high school sweet hearts only stay together for 10 years. On top of that the chances for divorce continue to go up after becoming a military couple.

We might have the world against us but we continue to fight everyday.

The groomsmen.

The bridesmaids.

Many people at our wedding didn't know we had already been married for 2 months but it was still a magical day.

August 26, 2016 he graduated from BMT. This was the start of the next journey of our lives.
We have still only been able to see each other once a month. But every visit is one step closer to being together at last.
We were able to have a disastrous Thanksgiving in a hotel room with a bunch of new friends.
We even added a new member to our family.
Everyone looks at young, married military couples like they are crazy. We have so many things against us that would make any normal sane person run. We get to travel the world together and experience everything we love to do together. It has been a great experience for the both of us. I love getting to do life with this man.

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