Middle East SYrian Civil War

The Party's To The Conflict

In this video below the people that are involved in the Syrian Civil War show why and how they got involved. The people involved are each trying to fight for their certain sides of this war .The people and or countries that are involved are... "Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria (2000–), Hafez al-Assad (1930–2000), President of Syria (1971–2000), Barack Obama (1961–), President of the United States (2009–2017), Riad al-Asaad (1961–), commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) (2011–), Wael al-Halqi (1964–), Prime Minister of Syria (2012–2016), Vladimir Putin (1952–), President of Russia (2000–2008, 2012–), and Ban Ki-moon (1944–), United Nations (UN) Secretary-General (2007–2016)", some other main factors of people that have got involved are ISIS and the Kurd's ISIS is in this war for their on agenda and the Kurd's have been accused of helping ASSAD but they are basically just friend and enemy's because they have been accused of helping the president.

The History Of The Conflict

Did you know? According to CNN, "Since the civil war in Syria began in 2011, an estimated 400,000 Syrians have been killed, according to the United Nations."

War Crimes From All Parties Of The Conflict:

The UN Commission Of Inquiry has been able to gather evidence that all of the parties that have been in the conflict of the Syrian Civil War have done war crimes such as including murder, torture, rape and enforced disappearances. Also parties have been accused of Civilian Suffering and the thing's that they do when they are civilian suffering the Syrian people are thing's such as blocking access to food, water and health services through sieges as a method of war.

Key Events

Key Events: 1970: Hafez al-Assad becomes President of Syria, 2000: Bashar al-Assad assumes the presidency of Syria, 2011 (March): First large-scale anti-government demonstrations in Syria, ASSAD starts shooting at the protesters that were having a peaceful protest 2011 . (July): Free Syrian Army is formed, It is made up of Civilians and people from ASSADS army that wouldn't shoot the protesters. 2014 (May): Government re-takes rebel-held city of Homs, The sides are being formed by Religious lines Sunni are supporting Rebels and Shiite are supporting the ASSAD. 2014 (September): U.S.-led coalition begins air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, 2015 (September): Russia begins air strikes against non-government targets, 2016 (September): Ceasefire between government and rebel forces begins.

The Causes Of The Conflict

Who Are The Protesters:

The people that are the protesters are the people that were having a peaceful protest at the time and the reason this happened because there was a high amount of unemployment in Syria.

When the year started it was supposed to be a Arab Spring but as the years went on the Arab Spring turned into a Proxy War between the Civilians (Rebels) and the Government (ASSAD The President Of Syria).

Russia has meanwhile launched an air campaign against Mr Assad's opponents. Russia and Iran have been a big support to ASSAD Iran has been the most help to him and has given him a billion dollars in military advisers and weapons and oil transfers and Russia has launched an air campaign that will help ASSAD because it will help defeat the other side that are fighting ASSAD.

The Syrian government has also had some support from the group named Hezbollah and Hezbollah has helped them by giving them warriors/fighters to help them hold their own group against the rebels and other parties involved on the other side that are supporting the rebels, also Hezbollah has been helping the Syrian Government since 2013.

“Also a violent clash the next day between security forces and protesters in Homs appeared to doom the(peace) plan. Witnesses said Syrian tanks fired on the crowd, killing from ten to twenty people." (“Syrian Civil Unrest") By November, the UN declared it a Civil War.

The Effects Of The Conflict

The Effects Over The Years Of War

Some effects that have happened over the years are physical destruction caused by all the groups involved in this proxy war and there has been some economic problems caused by the destruction and the things that have been destroyed are towns, cities, trading areas, along with all the lives that people have lost.

Refugee's From Syria

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 4.8 million have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, and 6.6 million are internally displaced within Syria. Meanwhile about one million have requested asylum to Europe. The U.N. estimates that 6.3 million people are internally displaced. When you also consider refugees, well over half of the country’s pre war population of 22 million is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, whether they still remain in the country or have escaped across the boarder.

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