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Ok, so we were going to have a quiet day, but we really didn’t want to waste it, so after being unsuccessful in booking ourselves last minute on a number of half day tours, we instead went to plan B and headed off to hire some bikes to uncover more of Athens that you wouldn’t normally see. The weather forecast wasn’t looking good with an expected shower or two, but clad in our rain jackets and mounted upon our newly acquired bikes, we headed off for the marina on one of Athens longest bike paths from the city center down to the marina.

We finished off the day with a little shopping, then a late dinner for our final traditional Greek meal (until we visit Oakleigh). And as the Guards change on the hour about 5min from our hotel, we went and watched another evening changing of the Guard!

So after spending some time in Greece, we think we are now experts in Greek culture... so here are our findings.

  1. Every Greek we met has either a cousin or second cousin living in Melbourne.
  2. Those that lived in Melbourne and then returned to Greece are considered “Idiots”!
  3. Greeks are crazy drivers!
  4. Greeks are still in the dark that smoking kills!
  5. Greeks haven’t considered that if they all contributed by paying their taxes, that their tax rate would be lower!
  6. Cash is king! (Say no more)
  7. Greeks aren’t familiar with the concept of cycling
  8. Greeks have no concept of time
  9. Our NBN service with all its shortcomings is far superior to Broadband Internet in Greece.
  10. The majority of Greeks we met were very friendly and accommodating.
  11. We loved Greece!

Bike ride down to the marina and beyond

Nice boats!
Even nicer Boats (got told off by security for taking this one)
Just like St Kilda!
Finish off the ride with a nice Greek Yoghurt complimented with honey and walnuts
Hadrian’s Library (Acropolis in the background)

Last dinner

A bright and colourful hip and happening bar (strictly 21 -35 Y.O)

Changing of the Guards

One more time...

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Stephen Mathieson

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