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?WHAT MATTERS! reclaims the use of common and accessible everyday materials: wool, glass, and plaster. The three artists in this exhibition go beyond traditional uses of these materials, exploring the potential in form, and challenging their mediums’ inherent constraints and qualities to present the tactile nature and true essence of each material.

The artists in this exhibition investigate materiality in an increasingly digital world, encouraging us to slow down and appreciate the practice of using basic, everyday materials to create. Aurélia Bizouard, Chantal Cardinal, and Catherine Tableau employ ritualized, compulsive actions of making to push the conventions of their chosen mediums and explore their qualities.

An exhibition exploring materiality
Globular by Chantal Cardinal

Aurélia Bizouard

"Glass is a societal reflection. It's use as a material represents a metaphor for life and highlights the fragility and strength of human existence. The aesthetics of glass magnifies this allegory. Through it, I invite the viewer to enter a world of metaphors and illusions. This approach allows me to create works involving the beauty of the ordinary that reflects life, time, place and the role of oneself. I try to arouse the curiosity of the viewer, to help them in finding their own questioning, and to reflect on their own existence".

Image: Kintsugi #6 by Aurélia Bizouard

TimeLines #30 by Catherine Tableau

Chantal Cardinal

“The ancient art of felting is a medium that will keep me busy for the rest of my life. I paint with fibers, draping, sculpting, and massaging the wool, falling in love every time with one of nature's renewable gifts.

Connecting with local wool farmers to source my medium has deepened my practice. I am instinctively drawn to this material like I am drawn to all the patterns and textures found in nature. I am inspired by wood grain, leaves, rock shapes, mineral striations, rippling water."

Image: Rockie Wool No. 2, by Chantal Cardinal

Kintsugi #2 by Aurélia Bizouard
Time Lines #22, Catherine Tableau
Kintsugi #6, #4, & #3 by Aurélia Bizouard

Plaster, glass, and wool are used to create a collection of work defying convention and form, but retaining organic texture and detail.

Catherine Tableau

“In my practice, I use two dominant materials, plaster and light, to create various textures and different feels.

My current series, Time Lines, consists of monochrome panels. Fragmented patterns, the repetition of architectonic lines, the creation of contrasts between surfaces and intervals give a hypnotic/kinetic effect. Light gives its changing character to the artwork presenting variations that shift with the viewer’s position."

Image: Time Lines #33, Catherine Tableau

Clockwise from top: Standing Tall Sticks series No. 1 & No. 2 by Chantal Cardinal; Aurélia Bizouard, Disconnection 1 & 2 by Aurelia Bizouard; Conques 1 by Catherine Tableau.

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Aurélia Bizouard

Chantal Cardinal

Catherine Tableau

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