Wynwood Rheannah Wynter

In a matter of years, the Wynwood neighborhood has gone from a district of warehouses to a district of art. Today, it's a bustling attraction, welcoming vistors and artists of all styles to its restaurants, galleries, and walls of graffiti. On any given day — even a rainy one — there is something new to see in Wynwood.
Even in the rain, visitors will traverse the streets. Not only can they find artwork at every turn, but see the artists themselves. One artist found himself being continually praised for his art in progress.
Despite the weather, this graffiti artist continued his work: a mural in tribute to the band Gorillaz and their upcoming album Humanz. He was happy to speak with visitors to Wynwood.
The new graffiti would be joining the countless other walls that celebrate art of every style.
As Wynwood grows, so does the art community of Miami. Wynwood has brought artists, who have brought art galleries, which have in turn brought business to a neighborhood that was once only populated by warehouses.
With every new wall that is claimed by an artist, art is spreading through Miami. And with every new vistor to Wynwood, awareness of this art grows.

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