Figurative Language By Elijah


Simile- two things being compared using like or as in a sentence

Example: Macy ran like a mustang to the dinner table.


Metaphor- is a figure of speech which makes an impliled comparison between two unrelated things

Ex: Mrs. Gilpin is monster in the morning before she drinks her coffee.

Allusion- a reference to a person, place or event from literature, history and the arts etc.

Ex: Shopping was her Achilles heal.

Idiom- a group of words whose mean are quite different from there literal meaning.

Ex: Janet had her fingers in the till the whole time she worked there


Alliteration- the repeat of the same constanate sound in a series of words

Ex: While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping- The Raven- Edgar Allen Poe

Hyperbole- an exaggeration that could not be true

Ex: I´m so hungry I could eat a horse.


Personification- giving human qualities to nonhuman things

Ex: The money is calling to me.


Onomatopoeia- words whose sounds suggest there meaning

Ex: The lady went A-Choo when she sneezed.

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