To Kill A Mockingbird "Point of view" Assignment by VIctoria Coulter

Event: The night outside the jail as told by Atticus

I can't let anything happen to Tom. I need to defend him like I said I would. If that means sitting outside the jail by myself in order to help him then I will do just that. I don't know how long it had been but I heard cars coming and I knew then and there that this is why I am sitting here. I've got to be calm and handle these men. That is until I see my daughter running across the street and towards me. For a second I am freaking out and am fearing her safety. Then it continues when I see Jem and Dill emerge too, I guess it's good Jean-Louise wasn't alone but that doesn't mean I want them here. It's not safe. " Go home" I try to get Jem to take Scout and Dill home but he keeps refusing, of course he decides to be defiant when it is risky. Scout at this point is having a conversation with Mr.Cunningham about his entailment. I look at her until she notices me and when she does I can see her contemplating what she just said and how stupid it was. It was anything but that though, Mr.Cunningham told the other men to get going. My beautiful daughter just saved Tom's life without even realizing it.

Event Two: The Shooting of Tim Johnson the rabid dog, as told by Jem

I can't believe old Tim Johnson has gone mad, he was always such a good dog but now he's wandering around looking for a place to die. Cal called my father and Mr.Tate so that they could come take care of the dog before he does anything harmful. I'm pretty sure when they get here there are going to shoot him. I was right when they got here they waited until he was in shooting range but Atticus sent Cal, Scout and I inside. Cal tried to block us with her body but we saw anyway. Mr.Tate handed the rifle to my father ; Scout and I almost fainted. Atticus took the gun and walked to the middle of the street. He took off his glasses, lined up the gun and then shot. Tim's body fell over and lay dead on the sidewalk. I couldn't move after that. I had never seen my father fire a gun and I never thought I would. He wouldn't even teach Scout and I to learn to shoot Uncle Jack did that so never in my life did I believe I would see my father do what he just did.

Event Three: Going to Cal's church as told by Calpurnia

Atticus has left and I am in charge of the kids. I was shelling peas when I suddenly remembered that the kids would have to go to church on Sunday but I don't know how I feel about sending them alone because of that one time they locked that girl in the closet. I asked Scout " How'd you and Mister Jem like to come to church with me tomorrow?" she seemed excited. Good thing too because I have never bathed or made sure she was 100% clean and put together. It's been a few years since I had been trusting Jem but this night I just had to invade his privacy to make sure he was just as clean as Scout. I know I should trust them but this is such a big deal: maybe not to them but for me. The next morning I dressed them both in nice clothes and made sure it all matched. Scout questioned why I was doing all this so I told her I could't have people thinking I don't take care of my children. " What're you up to, Miss Cal" and this is what I was nervous about, I'll just have to keep my cool and not show it to the kids that i'm nervous. Of course it's Lula who's come to question me about why i'm bringing white children to our church when they've got their own but It's the same God isn't it .

Event Four: The knot hole as told by Boo

It may not seem like it but i'm actually very lonely sitting in my house all this time. I've been here for almost two decades. There is something though that brightens my day. These two kids Jem and Scout. I see them playing around the neighborhood and when they walk to school. They are a thing of good in our racist screwed up town. To thank them for being themselves, i have been leaving little gifts in the knothole of a tree. Whenever I put new stuff in there it's always gone the nest time I check so I hope they are taking them and are appreciative of it. I've left many things in there. Overtime I have left a few sticks of gum, a small box containing coins, a spelling medal, a ball of twine, a pocket watch. The most important thing to me was the two figures carved out of soap that I made of them. These things might not have been big for them but I can only hope they appreciate it as much as I appreciate them.


I think this assignment was important in order to look at things from a different perspective as it refers to in the title since it's called " the point of view". Mr. Crooke in my opinion was trying to get us to do what Atticus told Scout to do in the beginning of the novel. He said "“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” To be honest I think that this is something important to realize. If you go through life with 'blinders' and only realize things from your life .. you can be missing out on a whole lot of things going on around you. I personally always try to think about things in more than one perspective when going through my everyday life and, this assignment just further solidifies why I do that and why other people should as well.

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