Final Major Project Reflective Journal Week 4 By daniel rousell

27-31 March

Monday 27th March

I started to bring my graphics into the game to see how they work and where I can improve them, even the sprites. So I found the demo character had a lazy eye and the character's face didn't match up with its running animation, so I thought that would make the game off-putting, making the game graphics the only good part of the game.

Tuesday 28th March

After English and Maths I went home still thinking how I would apply ASC (Adam Snow Chronicles) to the game and make the game plot work with the ASC's plot. I decided to make no changes to the plot of ASC, which didn't need any further adjustments, so I figured I should change the TCG (The Cerberus Guardians) plot to fit around ASC, which would work to a limit. This raises the question "for how long?".

Wednesday 29th March

I finished off the last bits and bobs for the blacksmith and then I added noise to give an additional effect of pixel art. So I looked to see what would need to improve and how it can improve the game in general, but it was mainly designed so it could interact with the characters and act as a driver, to get the story moving in the right direction to make progress with the story's events.

Thursday 30th March

I wanted to have a look at the game coding and programming and see if I could include a save/checkpoint system. Earlier that week I added an ammo count (shots fired) save. I tried to think of a way to save the whole game's progress. But I wanted to found out if there is a way to get the save function to work on a bigger level so they would save the game.

Friday 31st March

I had to do a maths exam. This left me very little time to do English work, but while I was waiting to do the exam, I did a bit of backstory for the ASC universe and gave more ideas to reflect on - not just ASC but even TCG's plot. So both the projects can collaborate to make the concept better.

After thinking over the idea of porting over Adam, I finally decided against the idea due to the time constraints of the project. Instead of porting over the character, I decided to just have his name mentioned a few times.

This month showed me how much I still have to go as a developer but I'm not going to let that stop me from making the best game I possibly can. This month, I think I made some good progress, but deep down I know the game is still a long way from being finished. The progress feels like I've hit rock bottom but the only way now is up and knowing that I feel that I can get the game done.

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