Geography Close up Unit 3: South America

" The only thing new in this world is the history you don't know."

-Harry S. Truman

One of the major goals of a world studies class is to equip you with the skills to analyze what is happening today, before it becomes history. Thus, you must know what is happening in the world around you. Watching the news or reading online articles are great for helping us stay informed. Still, many issues facing the world are complex and confusing, especially for those with little understanding of the people and places that are directly affected by these issues. In order to truly understand the present, sometimes we must take a good look into a place's past, as well as its physical, cultural landscape to gain a new perspective.

Assignment Background

This week, we will begin our study of South America. In addition to regular classroom instruction, each 6th grade student will be tasked with investigating a South American country. Students will research their country, using the web, textbooks, newspaper, or other materials to create a Geography Close Up Glideshow. The final presentation for this project will be the major assessment piece for our South America unit.

Project Requirements

Students will use Adobe Spark to create their Glideshow. Glideshows should combine multiple elements to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their research, including a student-made quiz to assess their information, using Google Forms.

Project Elements

  • CREATIVE TITLE that includes the name of your country, your name, and your class.
  • RELEVANT PHOTOS to place in background and within of your Glideshow. Minimum of 5 images, plus an image of your country's flag, and a political map.
  • COUNTRY PROFILE outlining basic information about your country. (See details below)
  • DESCRIPTION of your country's landscape, terrain, and both its physical and political borders (include map)
  • HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS noting major historical periods, movements, and events. (See details below)
  • CONTEMPORARY ISSUES facing your country today. (See details below)
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY citing the sources of information and images used in your presentation. Minimum 2 major references for information. (MLA Format)
  • STUDENT QUIZ that assesses your knowledge of content and information. (See details below)
*Note: Images can be placed directly into your glide sections.

Country Profile

Each country profile should include include the following information:

  • Population (size, distribution, demographics)
  • Type of government
  • Political leader(s)
  • Major cities (capitals, biggest populations)
  • Religions (most common)
  • Economy (currency, natural resources, etc.)
  • Official languages
  • Education (literacy rate)
  • Culture (Unique customs, foods, music, art, sports, etc.)


Your Glideshow must incorporate major historical information about your country. This would include:

  • Major historical periods or movements that helped shape your country (ancient, colonization, revolutions/independence, etc.)
  • Important historical events that drastically affected your country both positively and negatively (wars, crises, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Notable people that had a lasting impact on your country's history.
  • Minimum of 5 highlights, presented with accuracy, organization, and good supporting details.
  • *Note: Appropriate use of headings is essential for organization and sequencing of ideas!

Contemporary Issues

  • Major recent events (world news)
  • Social and political issues.
  • Environmental and economic struggles.
  • Potential problems and solutions.
  • Minimum of 2 issues, presented with accuracy, organization, and good supporting details.

Student Quiz

Students will create a short quiz to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their research. Quizzes must include a minimum of 5 questions. It is up to each student to select their questions based on what they believe are the five most important bits of information in their Glideshow.

Quizzes will be created using a Google Forms template, that will be provided by the teacher. Students will fill in the template with questions and provide also provide the answers. Students will provide a link to their quiz by adding a button link to the end of their Glideshow. (See example below)


Student work will be assessed based on the following criteria.

Good luck, and HAPPY EXPLORING!

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Jordan Phelps


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