The Rocky Research By:Emma Wright

The beloved Rocky Mountains formed because of plate tectonic activity that had a major effect on the people and Earth. This event occurred 170 to 40 million years ago (also during Jurassic time period). It stretches from Canada to New Mexico. How it happened was because the plates under it were colliding under the Earth’s crust.
The plates of oceanic and continental collided and clashed. In subduction zone the oceanic plate was supposed to go at an oblique angle. Instead, it went more to an angle that was more horizontal than oblique. That created more mountains from the horizontal plate.
The angle of the plate matters because that’s the part that causes more or less mountains. In many places we can find mountains like the Himalayas and the Appalachian Mountains. Both, have at least a mountain has made the top 50, which make scenery areas where you can look at the mountains.
Back to the real question are there other locations like the Rockies. Yes, because the Himalayas had the same event happen and same with the Appalachian Mountains. What happened was plates collided and created more mountains because of the angle the plate first went at.
At the subduction zone the oceanic plate, instead of going oblique the plate went at a flattened angle. Which created a vast amount of mountains, but if the angle would have been more oblique we wouldn’t have the beautiful mile long Rocky Mountains! The change was beautiful, big, and impactful. The people (the indians living there) used the mountains for many resources. Still, the Rockies are our beloved mountains!
It was also the way the Himalayas were formed, it keeps the trees growing. It helped many people survive through the ages of indians and such. The Rocky Mountains had many people living in the mountains because of the view advantage and the resources around it. The Rockies have minerals, logs, and many others they helped give this world many knew facts and such. People living there would have an advantage because of the view why they can see anyone coming up and shoot them down and basically kill them why is it bad if they got pushed off they would die.
It made it so that people going to the other side of the mountains had to cross over or walk around them which would make those people tired. The surface was bumpy and raggedy plates colliding the foot hills are just as big as the Mountains themselves. Hiking wasn’t easy like it is for us they didn’t have paths for them already, like we do. The Indians had to actually hike through the mountains soon enough they got used to it started using the mountains as their advantage.
The mountains cause higher altitude which means that it’s an area where it is hard to breathe. The altitude causes people wanting to climb the mountain and seeing who can get the farthest. Another thing is that altitude is when you are high in the sky so it’s like when you are at a specific point the air gets thin and that’s why we have air tanks so you can breath from a tank. Another thing about air, dry air it is pretty much air with no water vapor. So it could be about the same thing as high altitude
The people in the mountains deal with snow lots of snow, and hikers always going by there house, and even altitude sickness. It’s not easy living in the mountains bikers, hikers, altitude sickness, and many others. Altitude sickness is a fever and shortness of breath the serious sickness arise from edema. It is treatable like some other sicknesses, so think before you say that you would love to live in the mountains!
Hope you learned something out of this! It took so much research working on this so hope that you liked it!


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