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Mahatma Gandhi was born in October 2,1869 in Porbander, India. Mahatma Gandhi was a very strong,kind person. He played a huge part in our history! Mahatma Gandhi had tons of quotes but my favorite is "Prayer is the key of morning and the bolt of the evenings." This is one of his best quotes ever "What is faith if it is not translated into action?"

Birth Place
This is India. India is a very large place to live. Did you know Mahatma Gandhi a very historical person was born and lived in India.

Mahatma Gandhi was born and lived in India. India is a large and pretty place to live. Also India is very big on religion, and how they got freedom.

Young Life
Mahatma Gandhi was very shy as a young kid.

Mahatma Gandhi was a very shy boy when he was young. When a kid from his school or town would try to talk to him he would just run away from them! But at a very young age of 13 Mahatma found a girl that he soon fail in love with and was soon married to, her name was Kasturbia.

Teen Life/Middle Age

Gandhi became a lawyer at the age of 19 almost 20. A lawyer is someone who stands with someone in court against the other suspect and lawyer. It is a very ruff job to have because all the yelling, arguing, and fighting that goes on.

Adult Life

Mahatma Gandhi was a Indian leader as a adult. Mahatma over came shyness and stood up for the rights, independence, and equality for black people! He also beat other countries for freedom.


Mahatma Gandhi tried to accomplish the law but he failed, but he never gave up Mahatma Gandhi stood up and tried again. Soon he succeded! Mahatma Gandhi was named after "Mahatma" which means "Great Soul."

Personal Response

Mahatma Gandhi was a AMAZING human being!

Meeting Mahatma Gandhi would have been a amazing experience because Gandhi is someone that I look up to. And I would ask him about stuff like "How did you over come your fear of being shy?" and "How did you feel during the speeches you gave or the times you did some something to stand up for people?" Meeting Gandhi would have great even without saying anything. Mahatma Gandhi played a huge part in our world history!

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Memories of Mahatma Gandhi

Great Moments of Mahatma Gandhi!

These are some emotional, and meaningful moments and pictures of Mahatma Gandhi! He will never be forgotten and he has gone down in history.


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