Black History Month By: Ray Elsey


During the Walking Tour I was tasked of taking shots and instantly uploading them to Instagram. The main reason that our photography class went out to this event was to capture the middle schoolers presenting their presentations. As well as it gave us (photographers) an idea of how events really happen and gave us a glimpse at professional photography. While out at the event we experienced some difficulties. Personally, I can say that I definitely experienced difficulties such as; lighting, moving through the crowds, capturing the emotions on peoples faces. All and all, the walking tour was a great experience and I have learned a lot about myself as a photographer and know I can work on and improve my photography.

White Law Building
Duke Ellington's Residence
Dr. Ernest Residence
Our Job
"They see us rolling"
True Reformers Building
Love is all around us!
Lincoln Theatre
Howard Theatre
African American Civil War Museum
Civil War Statue
Crowd Plus Atmosphere at Duke Ellington's Residence
All we need in life is......
Crew #SquadUp
We work as one unit at Chelsea.

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