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we are a youth-led social impact facilitation nonprofit dedicated to empowering young women in Africa to reclaim and command their narratives, by equipping them with the knowledge, resources, confidence and connections they need to be at the forefront of social change.

We aim to unleash the wealth of knowledge African women create through their lived and embodied experiences and cultivate a collaborative network of powerful, socially and politically conscious young African women who will lead the fight for social justice in our communities.


Across the continent, African women are confronted by systems of domination that aim to silence their voices rather than encourage their efforts and opinions. African women have historically been underrepresented, poorly represented or left out altogether from global narratives of progress, making it difficult to learn from the vital knowledge, skills and perspectives they bring to the table. This also reinforces a mindset amongst women that their voices may not matter, and difficulty imagining alternative to the status quo.

However, despite the challenges they face, African women's participation in social and political discourse and action has always been an essential part of ensuring progressive, democratic societies. And young Africans are at the heart of fights for social justice and development in their communities, countries and across Africa. But African women activists are still constantly faced the challenge of finding resources for their efforts and spaces that not are not only safe, but also supportive. Moreover, young African activists' efforts are limited by the difficulty of finding ways to build relationships and share information across spaces, due to the lack of spaces that facilitate discussion and collaboration.

Young African women need more spaces dedicated to enabling them to vocal, critical and creative thinkers in the name of social justice. When this happens, their capacity to influence the trajectories of their nations is radically increased.

We believe that by highlighting the value of African Women’s voices and providing spaces dedicated to enabling young african women to be vocal, critical and creative thinkers in the name of social justice, their ability to radically reimagine and reshape our communities will be increased immensely. We envision a world where African women are not only heard, understood and respected, but also one where African Women are key players in the stories of african and global prosperity.

TEAW IS HERE TO SERVE. We want to make it easier for young African women to make a difference.
Through the Eyes of African Women builds off a movement that has already begun in Africa and all over the world. Women the world over are standing up to be at the forefront of creating progressive and more inclusive societies. TEAW is created to accelerate this process of change that is already in progress in Africa by serving young african women change makers.

6 Core Principles


We commit to enacting a form of society marked by equality of genders, ethnicities, religions and sexualities. We do not tolerate bigotry or misogyny, or allow it to be replicated in our organisation. We ground our efforts in anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist ideals and promote egalitarian at all levels of our work.

Human-centered & Narrative Driven

Individual and collective experiences and narratives are at the center of our decision making. We aim to deepen empathy for and immersion in the experiences of African women from all backgrounds, particularly the most marginalised in our communities.


We view ourselves not just as scholars, but as activists with an agenda to improve our societies. We work with and in service of communities, viewing them as scholars themselves whose experiences endow them with knowledge that is valuable for the process of change. As scholars, we commit to using the best and most relevant data to develop our content and always maintaining critical minds.


We acknowledge that we exist in the same space as others and therefore commit ourselves to working towards a shared goal by cooperating with others, reinforcing each other’s efforts and drawing on each other’s strength, knowledge, experiences and feedback. Together we commit to being bold in our efforts to disrupt the status quo, push boundaries and change trajectories.


We focus on the immediate issues as well as a broader transformative vision. We live prefiguratively- according to the vision of the world we want to see.

Our audience

Through the Eyes of African Women is open to everyone. But we make content primarily for young African women and girls, particularly emerging and established activists.


our impact Goals





All content on the Through the Eyes of African Women website is curated and created by African women. Everything we produce is grounded in engagement with the perspectives and experiences of African women, including prioritising the work of African women scholars.


Participatory Projects- The African Feminist Project
Young African women Activists collective
Publications: Unbound & Alaani

The African Feminist Project

The African Feminist Project (TAFP) is an initiative that aims to properly document and share the histories, realities and practices of African women’s deliberate acts of resistance, resilience and their efforts to transform our societies. The project will feature collections of immersive visual stories about various African women-led movements from past to present. In addition, we will be creating toolkits to help emerging and established activists transfer their knowledge into enhanced social change and movement building skills. Through research, communication and collaboration with activists, scholars, organisations and other individuals, this project aims to center discussion of critical human issues on the knowledge created in and by African women’s lived experiences, in a way that is honest, educational and accessible. As a participatory project, anyone is welcome to join our team and contribute.

Project Components

Story Map

Our storymapping project will showcase different African feminist movement actors across the continent. From organisations to grassroots efforts.


Collections consist of immersive visual stories, essays, reading & viewing lists and movement building toolkits for emerging and established young African women activists.

The Young African Women Activists Collective

The Young African Women Activists Collective is network of young African women led groups and individual activists. Our team is dedicated to supporting young women to ensuring that young women are able to be vocal, critical and creative thinkers in the name of social justice, while improving their leadership skills and building relationships with other activists.We focus particularly on supporting groups and individuals who work on issues related to voice, choice and agency.

Our platform enables young African women with different skill sets to merge their ideas, organise, strategise and execute creative responses to social issues. The result is connected, cooperative and complementary social movements, led by strong women leaders who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and push boundaries.


Unbound is a digital space where African women from around the world can share whatever they like, whether it be reflections on personal experiences, thoughts about the world we live in, accomplishments or art work, it is totally open for uninhibited expression.

Alaani is our Medium publication featuring young women fiction writers. We share prose and poetry, showcasing the immense talent of young African women.

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