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RAYAH - meaning ''friend of God”, desire to gather all the friends of God around one theme: Inner Peace & Self Realisation.

Whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, mindful or Spiritual, Agnostic, Catholic, Buddhist or Atheist - inside all of us lives the Kundalini: the Mother God, designed to be awakened and to connect all Her Children in one big conscious family.

RAYAH's heart opening music is groovy, soulful, hip and powerful.

Their magical voices combined with melodious & meditative songs, as well as enlightened Mantras & chanting, make the RAYAH experience a uniquely deep, moving, elevating and healing one - for the body, the soul and the mind. And, the Spirit.

RAYAH’s dream is to see the human race unite as one. Brothers and sisters recognising their Divine Self within and in each other - acting from that place of Love inside.

As daughters of the Adi Shakti, the Universal Spiritual Mother, Rachelle and Rosie offer the gift of Self Realisation, helping to create a much better world - one of Peace, Unity and Solidarity: An army of LOVE

RAYAH: the next level to access your DIVINITY.

"I feel joy walking bare foot on the earth. I feel joy since I've had my 2nd birth. I feel joy in the glorious sunshine. I feel joy in the Glory of the Divine". - RAYAH

Sitar is the instrument of the 7th Chakra (Sahasrara). Let RAYAH guide you into an elevated state through music, mantra & meditation.


Rachelle Jeanty and Rosie Henshaw Rayah are two Internationally acclaimed musicians, yoginis and inner peace advocates, who share sacred songs from the soul, chanting for the heart and meditation as a means of awakening the divine potential in all of us. Together they are RAYAH (the origin of this name comes from a Hebrew word meaning “friend of God”).

The duo met by the riverside in Cabella Italy at a meditation retreat, and instantly felt swept up in the joy of devotion and commitment to serving the higher purpose. Their energies and music combine to offer nourishment to the heart and sweetness to the soul.


Prolific singer/percussionist Rachelle hails from Haiti via Montreal, now based in Europe as a performer, Gospel workshop leader, meditation teacher and public speaker. After years in the glamour world of music as a backing vocalist for Celine Dion, Rachelle chose a deeper path, which led to her spiritual awakening. Since then, her heart’s mission became to use her soulful presence and blessed gifts to serve the Divine.


A childhood spent meditating at the foothills of the Himalayas in India brought multi-instrumentalist/singer Rosie a great sense of spiritual awareness and musicality. Between India, the shores of Australia and now currently Amsterdam, Rosie has found true joy in expressing her heart through performing sitar, guitar, voice and devotional songwriting - with an extensive music career in Australia performing with Shanti Fire, Old Man River, Lulu & Mischka and Ngaiire, to name a few.

In addition to the musical offering of their heart & soul songs, RAYAH wish to share with you the gift of Kundalini awakening through meditation and affirmations.

Feel the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit above your head.

Join RAYAH on their journey, sing along to their songs and become connected to the tangible space of spirit, which is the only place where we truly are one.


Debut single OUT NOW!
RAYAH's debut single artwork.

DEBUT SINGLE: 'Become Your Self' OUT NOW. Listen here: http://rayahmusiclove.bandcamp.com/track/become-your-self


Sacred songs from the soul, chanting for the heart and meditation to awaken your Divine potential.

Open your heart through chanting. Connect to the Source through meditation.


Elevate your life!

Experience Kundalini Awakening and connect with the Divine power of Love with these simple guided meditations. Take off your shoes, find a quiet moment and breathe... Namaste.


"Amazingly Groovy Funky Soulful Kirtan. Touches my Heart. Inspiration & Food for my Soul". - Henry De La Croix, SoulSurfing Foundation.

"For me some of the highest quality mantra music I have heard so far". - Elias Hering, Divine Moments.



Email: rayahmusiclove@gmail.com

RAYAH wish to acknowledge and pay respects to their Guru & spiritual Mother : SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI who has given them the precious gift of Kundalini awakening, which they humbly wish to share with you. For more information about Self Realisation visit:

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Thanks to Petra Schmidt & Ev Luckmuss for photos and footage.