Environmentalists stop treating the earth like it isn't your home

The Earth has been around for 6.4 billion years, and within those years billions and billions of people have roamed the Earth and enjoyed all the gifts the world has given us. Unfortunately, in the last hundred years, our Earth has accompanied some major issues. Many of the issues have been broadcasted over news, yet no one actually seems to take them seriously enough to try and helps. For example, global warming, deforestation, climate change, habitat destruction and the list goes on and on. Yet, when most here about our world over news they think it can be fixed in no time, when that is incorrect. Surprisingly, many people don't know what the world will turn out to be like in the next 50 to 60 years if we don't make a move to try and help the Earth get better.

In the next 50 years, Earth will be completely different to what we know it as now. The estimated population by 2050 is 9 billion people. Scientific research believe by the time Earth hits a population of 9 to 10 billion we will start to have food scarcity world-wide from the amount of consumption. We'll have to start cutting down on our energy consumption: If humankind continues to use energy at the rate it does now, and population growth follows expected trends, we will need the equivalent of three earths to support ourselves by 2050. Which is, obviously, impossible. As far as global warming goes, the Dead Sea will be almost completely dried up, nearly half of the Amazon Rain forest will have been deforested, wildfires will spread like, umm, wildfire, and the polar ice caps will be only 60 percent the size they are now.

However, while thinking about that, like mentioned in the paragraph before, the polar ice caps are beginning to melt from our ozone layer being depleted. Because of our ozone depletion, in Antarctica, a hole has formed, the ozone hole can result in the ice melting causing sea levels to rise and cause other harmful things to the environment. While worrying about ozone depletion, not many are doing much about it because not many know the actual effects the ozone can cause if the hole were to grow bigger. The connection of the ozone layer to UVB radiation is the protection that the UVB has from the ozone which regulates the sun exposure to Earth. There as, if the ozone layer was to deplete, we would not have any protection from the suns radiation and can cause non-melanoma skin cancer, and clouding in eye vision.

However, if you are interested to help the environment you live in in general, there are many steps you can take to become more involved in helping Earth. One way is to always do the small things; little things make a big difference so pick up trash off the ground and recycle and cutting back on plastic, for example start drinking tap water instead of bottled. Another way to watch the way and how much water you use and see where you can cut down on water to help save water for places like Flint and to prevent droughts.

Try walking more; by not using your car fewer than 2 times a week you will be helping reduce greenhouse gases by 1.590 pounds per week. Start recycling! By recycling you'll help reduce pollution just by putting your bottle in a separate bin. Or try helping the Earth with composting, think about how much trash we make in a year. Tons, and by using compost you will help reduce the trash intake into our oceans and helping our animals; but you will also reduce the amount of trash in landfills helping the trash not take up more space than it already has. Get involved and you'll start to see a difference. We'll start to see a difference; if our human race continues to live the way we are living now, our Earth will be destroyed by 2090.

Stop treating Earth like it isn't our home.


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