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MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® Total Care oil for skin keep skin in its best natural condition. At any age. Natural remedy to restore and maintain the skin’s innate healthiness. Powerful, fast, stable, comprehensive effect, including rejuvenation. Effective even after seventy or more.

MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® Total Care oil for skin restores and maintains the natural qualities of the skin: colour with a pearl shade, firmness, freshness, natural glow. The oil removes unnatural pallor, redness, or yellowness. Moisturises and softens skin — makes it smooth. Tightens the skin and restores clarity to the facial features. Accelerates naturally occurring exfoliation. Helps to recover the skin’s look after lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and malaise.

It works fast. And is long lasting. Total Care oil for skin takes effect immediately. The full benefits become visible in one month.

The first thing you notice — improved skin colour. Any paleness and yellowness will have been replaced by a healthy, natural radiance. The next thing you'll notice — the oval of the face and its features will become clearer and better defined. After about 14-21 days of use, stable improvement takes place — freshness of complexion, sharper features, lifted and smooth skin — this will be noticed by other people.

The benefits are surprisingly noticeable on mature skin, too. The oil works effectively even for the 70+ age group.

Review by tester Vera: "I’m using my second bottle of the oil. I use the oil twice a week. As a result, I like the general condition of my skin. I have oily skin, so a "brilliance" and enlarged pores are usual for me. As it turned out, the oil regulates that. It tightens pores and moisturises at the same time. My skin even tightened around the eyes. There are fewer wrinkles. I regularly use decorative cosmetics and they hold on better, perhaps because my skin became more elastic and smooth. Dark circles under my eyes became smaller and lighter. It seems to me, it is a result of using the oil".

Review by tester Alla: "I began with the oil to smooth out fine wrinkles around my eyes. My skin tone significantly improved in the first few days. Two weeks later I began to notice — wrinkles began to flatten. Result!"

Review by tester Taty: "I started to use oil to restore my skin's structure after the summer sun. Everything turned out better, my skin has recovered well and fine wrinkles from the sun went almost immediately".

Natural beauty.

Modernity reinvents the concept of beauty itself. Now beauty is your best natural form and condition. The aim of cosmetics is to help people look natural.

The main power of our Total Care oil for skin is to evoke the full, natural force and beauty of your living body. No botox, no mechanical lifting — only you — properly stimulated and tuned with help from your natural neighbours — plants.

Ancient science of life, Ayurveda, explains that each living being has its own proper way of living. All of us know people in their 70s or 80s who are still looking great — demonstrating the perfect example of what skin can look like when functioning properly, naturally. Nature doesn’t want us to look bad, she wants us to look great.

MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® Total Care oil for skin is based on the classic Ayurvedic recipe. Rare healing plants are cultivated in Ayurvedic gardens, which provide excellent quality and preserve unique species for future generations. Our oil is made according to strict ISO and Ayurvedic GMP standards. It is a harmonic synthesis of an ancient recipe and modern technology, natural purity and strict safety conditions.

Ingredients of the oil.

Our oil is not just a "mixture", it is not prepared just by putting some powdered plants into one pot. The ingredients work like a team of people pulling together. Each ingredient has its own role, and the benefit of the oil is a result of this team play. The method of preparation allows the healing potential of each ingredient to be released, uniting the power of all the ingredients to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual ingredients.

Active ingredient number one - saffron, 1%. Saffron is the leader of the "active ingredients team".

Saffron is the flower stamens of the plant Crocus sativus.

Ayurvedic texts accurately indicate which parts of plants should be used.

We take roots from Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides), 3% (look at the big picture), root of Indian madder (Rubia cordifolia), 3%

and root of Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), 3%.

We use rhizome of Monochoria vaginalis (look at the big picture), 3%, and Lotus Nelumbo nucifera, 3%.

From Indian banyan (Ficus benghalensis) we take leaf bud, 8%.

From Sappanwood (Caesalpinia sappan) we take heartwood, 5%.

The boiling of milk (40%) and sesame oil (20%) extracts active substances from herbs, roots and heartwood.

Sesame oil and shellac (Laccifer lacca, 5%) have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. For this reason, in Ayurvedic books, sesame oil and shellac are often referred to as "horses" that deliver combinations of active substances into the body.

If you believe in miralce.

Ayurvedic medicines deal not only with the physical, "material" causes and effects. Ayurvedic medicines also acknowledge so called "subtle", "thin" or "energetic" matters within living bodies. Ayurvedic recipes affect this "thin", energy, too.

Herbs, according to Ayurveda, emit subtle vibrations of a certain frequency. These vibrations are able to enter into resonance with the same vibration of the bodies of humans and animals, particularly the skin. As a result, our skin takes on its optimum rhythm.


The oil helps the skin thrive, naturally. It does not force the skin to do something abnormal. Therefore, the skin does not become accustomed to the oil and enjoys continuous benefit, even long-term.

It is enough to apply the oil three or four times a week. If desired, you can apply it in weekly or fortnightly cycles: one or two weeks of use, then a break of one-two weeks and then one or two weeks of use. And so on. A little oil goes a long way — the full benefits will be achieved, even when used sparingly.

The oil is best applied to damp skin. The oil is absorbed very quickly and leaves no trace, even on very light skin. Any other skincare or decorative cosmetic perfectly fits the skin after application of our oil.

A bottle contains 30ml of oil. This amount will be enough for three-four months of regular use for the face, neck, hands and décolleté. To care for the rest of the skin you may add 4% or more of the oil to any body oil or massage oil. Use this mixture in the same manner as the pure oil.

Prices of our official online store:

One bottle of MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® Total Care oil for skin costs 68 EUR. Buy two bottles - get a 10% discount (the price of one item will be 61.2 EUR, the total purchase price is 122.4 EUR). Buy three bottles - get a 15% discount (the price of one item will be 57.8 EUR, the total purchase price is 172.4 EUR). If you want to become our business partner, follow the link below on this page.

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Pay nothing until you receive your goods - pay to the courier.

When placing an order, the online store will automatically apply your discount. Prices and products are clearly displayed, with no hidden costs. All our prices are inclusive of all taxes, so you will never pay more than the stated price.

The online store features chat support, which you can use to ask any questions about our products, their effect and how to use them, as well as the conditions of sale, wholesale purchases, discounts and delivery. The store and chat are open seven days a week (the operator may not respond immediately, but not later than in two hours).

In addition to the chat feature, you can contact us by emailing morebeautifuldays@gmail.com, or call + 371 28 104 158. Lines are open seven days a week from 10.00 to 20.00.

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