What's New? ADVERTISING INSIGHTS | Spring 2017

Each month we add new features and analysis to Advertising Insights, as well as fix a few bugs. Scroll down to see these latest improvements as well as a sneak peak of what's coming soon.

New Features

Single UI for all reports

The whole Advertising Insights platform has been rearchitected so that key feature requests can be built quickly and easily into the platform. In the future each Powerpoint slide can be shown online first. These can then be downloaded into powerpoint.

The legacy analysis is still runnable by dragging and dropping from the left hand rail

Live/Edit Mode : Allows you to queue up changes and then request them all in one go. This prevents making changes before you expect them. This defaults to live mode to allow you to view results as soon as possible.

Over the next few months we will be transitioning the existing slides to the online analysis, these will have advanced segmenting capabilities (Account, Portfolio group, etc) as well as vast time improvements.

New Analysis

Historical Performance

This tile shows performance over time for a metric and spend. This can be run at multiple different levels.

Format : Online

Inputs Segments : Portfolio(s), SE Account(s) , Date Range

Input Options : None

Limits : Powerpoint Only

Bug Fixes

Audience Report - shows all Audiences

Previously the audience report did not show data if there was 0 spend in the time range for an audience, now it will show the row and with the value 0.

We have also added in impressions as a column

Coming Soon

Advertising Insights for the new DSP

Soon we will be releasing analysis across Display, Video, Social and more - stay tuned

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Dominic Crosby

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