Shakespeare's Dictionary By: Leilani purcell


Definition: prevailing action, power, and influence. A way I remember it is by a trophy because that usually influences people to take action and try to get/earn it.


Definition: afraid, frightened, scared. A way that I remember afraid would be a little kid scared of a monster under neath their bed. So they can't sleep because their to scare or frightened.


Definition: increase, grow. A way that I remember waxen would be by the increase of money. Like when someone works so hard that they get increase on their salary.


Definition: soon, shortly, presently. A way that I remember anon would be by a clock. Because sense the word means soon I always like of a clock because you always check the time to see how long you have til something is going to happen.


Definition: fists, clenched hand. The way I remember neat is by boxing gloves because neat means clenched hands. Which leads me to think of a fight; boxing.


Definition: caress, stroke, pet. I think of this by softly petting a animals that I have because I am stroking its fur.


Definition: blackened, darkened, murky. The way that I remember collied would be the actual word because like the dark mist collieded with the city.


Definition: encouraging, kindly, courteously. I remember this by your being fair to someone who hasn't gotten the things you have got. So I think of the people who are encouraging and courteously by holding out to those in need during the darkest hour.


Definition: something that won't happen again. I remember this by someone texting while driving and something bad happens. To the point where they NEVER want to do that again. And that is that.


Definition: at any time. I remember this by thinking I'm at a amusement park and riding the roller coasters to where I could ride on that ride EVER single time and I loved it.


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