Updated August 8, 2020

Goin' Band 2020 Update

Your directors are hard at work putting protocols in place for the Goin’ Band’s eventual return to campus. We have been in contact this summer with university leaders to ensure that our procedures are in compliance with university protocols. We will continue to monitor any changes and recommendations to the university’s protocol in the coming weeks and address those accordingly. Please refer to our website for updates. You will find information below regarding the 2020 Goin’ Band Season. Based on current information, the following adjustments to protocol are being made. We fully anticipate that these protocols will evolve based on state and local regulations and our own public health assessment.

Football Games & Stadium Seating

  • The Goin' Band will not travel to any away games this year
  • Due to field access restrictions, the Goin' Band will only perform from the stands at home games
  • Due to physical distancing and the band's available seating capacity, the Goin' Band will be split into two bands for all home games
  • Each band will be assigned to at least 3 home games

Goin' Band Rehearsal & Performance Protocols

  • All rehearsals and performances will occur outdoors
  • The recommended 6-foot distancing protocol will be instituted in all rehearsals and performances when possible
  • Nose and mouth coverings will be required when students are not actively playing their instruments
  • Communal water coolers will not be used for hydration. Students will need to have personal water coolers and/or individual bottles of water
  • Daily instrument storage and distribution will occur outdoors utilizing the band trailer
  • The sharing of any instruments/equipment will be strictly prohibited

Cardinal's Apparel Order Update (July 28)

The apparel store is now updated and open. Below are new links to the apparel store. Deadline to order apparel is now August 24, 2020.

Women's Goin' Band Apparel: https://ttuwomensgoinband2020-2.itemorder.com

Men's Goin' Band Apparel: https://ttumensgoinband2020-2.itemorder.com

Color Guard Goin' Band Apparel: https://ttucolorguard2020-2.itemorder.com

ZIT (Percussion) Goin' Band Apparel: https://ttugoinbanddrumline2020-2.itemorder.com

Goin' Band Audition Update

A successful music audition will be the only audition requirement for Goin' Band this year. There will be no visual audition. Furthermore, you are only required to play the three traditional excerpts. You will not be required to play all of March Grandioso. See below for information on the submission process.

Goin' Band Music Auditions

Music auditions for this year will be done online via a video submission. Watch the video tutorial below for details on how to submit your audition. You will upload your video link using the following Google Form: 2020 TTU Winds Music Audition Google Form. Please visit the TTU Bands Webpage for additional information regarding online music auditions for both Goin' Band and concert ensembles.

Refund Information

Deadline to request Goin' Band (not Cardinal's) refund is September 1

Refunds for any Cardinal's apparel will be handled by Cardinal's and not the Goin' Band. Cardinal's will send correspondences with refund information to everyone who purchases apparel.

Refund of band fees, visors, spats, or gloves are processed by the university, not the Goin' Band office. To process a refund you will need send an email to Debbie.Holt@ttu.edu with the following information:

  • Name of the person to whom the check must be payable to
  • Complete mailing address
  • Refund amount
  • Your R#


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