book project eyes are watching god


the eyes are watching god is about love these two people fall in love with each other and other people dont like they are jeouls.

she walked out the house and right when she saw him she ran across the street and thats when they fell in love.

'i hate her she left him for him i dont like her look at her she loves him already'.

characterization jaine starks

'right when i saw i fell in love with him'.

they just dont like me because i found a dude and they dident and hes good looking and they hate me now.

characterization tea cake

he loves he to very much and wants to run away with her.

he dosent care what other think he likes her and thats all that matters.

symbol eyes

two people that fell in love with each other and dident care what other people thought of them u can see it in there eyes they atcually love each other.


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