Meet the Interns at UF Field & Fork By: Rachel boles and kendall addison

The undergrad interns at Field and Fork, Mia and Ethan, love interacting with plants, produce and harvest. They learn so much about the farm and even participate in lead volunteer work. They have the opportunity to meet and get to know many different people from around the community.

Students and those in the community are encouraged to volunteer and participate in Field & Fork. The farm is always open to taking volunteers, as it is a public facility. Volunteers do not need any prior agricultural background or experiences as this is a learning opportunity and a way to give back to the community. It stays pretty busy year-round as classes and faculty come out to see what’s happening.

One of Mia’s favorite times on the farm is when the baby gators come out to explore. She gets to show the children around and educate them about produce and harvesting.

Ethan enjoys being around sustainable agriculture, working in the environment and is drawn to Field and Forks mission to success.

Mia and Ethan will be utilizing the skills they’ve learned for their future endeavors. Farm operations will be vital in both of their related fields as they work directly with farms and education. Skills like teamwork, self-management and communication are things volunteers/interns will acquire during their time on the farm.

UF Field & Fork is a great way for students and people in the community to become involved in learning more about farming and food systems.

"The Field & Fork Program seeks to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with the opportunity to engage in a community of collaboration and experiential learning about sustainable agriculture and food systems."

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