Role Playing Recidivism Activity #3

Part 1

The kids are divided into 3 groups: police, recently released convicts and the general public. The general public will role play as landlords, business owners, normal citizens as well as other criminals. The rules of the game are that if any citizen comes to inquire on employment from business owners or renting out a home from landlords they must determine whether they have a history of conviction. If they don’t they are allowed to rent out a place or to gain employment at the business. If they have a history of conviction they cannot obtain either. The game will simulate this for a 5 mins to show the rejection that recent convicts face. After multiple futile attempts at obtaining employment and a place to rent out, the criminals come in and offer the recent convicts jobs that earn them a living. These jobs, however, are illegal but allow the recent convicts to earn a living and lead a decent lives supporting themselves but they run the risk of getting arrested. After sometime, the recent convicts are re-arrested by the police for criminal activities and return to jail.

Part 2

Have a conversation with the kids highlighting:

  • The struggles of recently released convicts as they try to reintegrate into the free world.
  • Ways in which we can be more accommodating of recent convicts trying to have a fresh start.
  • Promoting empathy for recently released convicts by addressing biases and misconceptions associated with convicts.


Created with images by Randy Heinitz - "Territorial Prison"

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