massachusetts,Founded 1630 alisa barnes

John Winthrop was the founder of the Massachusetts bay colony in New England. He was a puritan and governor.

  • The puritans strongly opposed of the Catholic Church.
  • The puritans wanted religious freedom.
  • The puritans wanted to make changes in the church.
GEOGRAPHY Massachusetts is located on the Atlantic coast. Consisted of mountains and thick trees. Also the soil was poor and hard for crops to grow.
The lower class could not vote. The economy was based on manufacture and industries. the upper class were those who were wealthy and educated.The economy of other parts of Colonial Massachusetts was based on timber products, the fur trade, maple syrup, and copper.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A map of the most inhabited part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships, the whole composed from actual surveys ..." • vishal charles - "Church"

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