Poverty in Honduras by: Isis Pavon

The problem:

Honduras has few resources. Its economy is one of the least developed in Latin America, and many of the country's people live in poverty, Honduras does not have many resources, and a lot of people live in poverty (Euraque).

I think if Honduras developed They can have less porvety .

Most rural Hondurans are poor peasants who own or rent small farms. These people have litter money most transportation and communication They often are cut off from the life of the cities. - Dario A. Euraque.

"Poverty is what has increased the most in the last two decades and this is generating a great social movement in search of alternatives," Francisco Machado, president of the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of Honduras (ASONOG), told EFE. -Honduras to Boots Human Capital of Families in Extreme Poverty.

The children of rural areas: Most of these children live in remote, isolated areas and face poor economic conditions. Their families rely mostly on agriculture crops and when the crops do poorly, most struggle to find food. Our school is private and free which enables many to children to attend. - Helping Honduras Kids.

How can I help solve this problem?

"Lets talk about the program "Helping Honduras kids", they provide the poorest students with uniforms and shoes, and all students with school supplies, school books, some backpacks & personal items, medical care, vitamins, toothbrushes/toothpaste and a daily mid-morning oat or rice & milk drink and a hot nutritious lunch five days a week." --"Helping Honduras Kids"

We can join us, support, and talk with other people about this program.

Our school is private and free which enables many to children to attend. - Helping Honduras Kids.

There are another program called "Bono Vida mejor" (Bonus life better)

The program seeks to stimulate the use of education, health and nutrition services and support household consumption by financing money transfers. The goal is to reach at least 80,000 households taking part in an initiative called the Bono Vida Mejor. The amount of the average annual transfer will be $340 per home, which is equivalent to 7,250 Honduran Lempiras.

This is a good idea for help poor people, amount of the average annual will be $340, that is very good if the person spent on profitable things

Help this group succssful!

How am I connected to the problem?

"I chose this problem because it is seen all the time in my country, and I do not like to see how children are asking for money in the streets to choose to eat because their parents did not have the opportunity to have education and give them a better future"

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