AKA Caiphus song video treatment


Set in the township of Soweto, this story revolves around high school sweethearts Thabo & Jessica on their final day of their journey to the altar and the occurrences of the day . Thabo and Jessica grew up on the same street and their first encounter was in a taxi as they used the same transport to school. The couple is seated in their tv room on a quite Sunday afternoon and pop in a vhs tape into their vcr to watch their special day one more time.

Scene 1

In the opening scene we see a group of young girls playing hopscotch in the middle of the street ,we over hear a mothers voice calling one of the girls to the house and we follow the young girl to the house where we see the brides family preparing for the special day's festivities. The mother instructs the young girl to check on her older sister Jessica and make sure she is ready for the lobola negotiations. She knocks on the door and we see a silhouette shot of the bride getting final touch ups. She then leaves the house & goes back to her friends to continue playing hopscotch.

Scene 2

In the second scene,down the road street from the brides home,we see the groom and his uncles getting ready to go to the brides home to resume lobola negotiations. The groom is giving his family a tough time with his car choice for the day and finally finds the one he likes. The groom and his uncles now drive to the brides house where they will begin the lobola negotiations before the matrimonial service.

Scene 3

The grooms family is met with songs of joys and ululation as they enter the brides home to resume the lobola negotiations. The brides family is showered with money and gifts by the grooms family.

Scene 4

The congregation,friends and family now arrive at church where the matrimonial service takes place. The brides identity is still a mystery at this point until her veil is removed.

Scene 5

In the final scene, the wedding convoy moves from the church to the reception area where the celebrations takes place. We end off the video with the electric dance and a brass band rendition of the song and zoom out to see the couple watching the video of their special day.

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