North Texas Food Bank Remeber, one meal makes a difference

Helping people since 1982

The North Texas Food Bank has been providing free, nutritious meals for years. Fresh produce and meats are some of the delicious options that this food bank generously supplies. The provide over 170,000 meals daily to hungry children, seniors, and families.

If you have never been in danger of going hungry or know whats it like to be hungry you should consider donating you time to the 10-year plan. North Texas Food Bank is trying to abolish hunger and the 10-year plan would nearly double the output of there contribution to abolishing hunger.

Children like the one seen above, are hungry all over North Texas and only your donated time can help them.

The 10-year plan is a great way for you to donate you time and effort. Trusted businesses like Starbucks, Disney ,Google, and many more companies donate there money to non-profit organizations like this one. You, too, should also donate something equally important to the food bank since everyone else is. The North West Food Bank is consistently looking for helpers to change the lives of the hungry. If you generously donate you time to this organization I think people will automatically think you are a good person because of the grand actions you have done. If you don't donate something to this great cause everyone will die of hunger.

As you can see, most of the North Texas Food Bank is relay heavily on volunteers.

Its shown statistically that if the 10-year plan is completed that production of meals will increase by 50%. This goal can only be accomplished by more donors, volunteers and advocates.

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