Race in the PR Classroom: Calling all Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs)

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PRSA Educators Academy is pleased to announce a new call for this year’s “Super Saturday” virtual conference series. Building off of the interest in the “Race in the PR Classroom” series we are co-hosting with the Institute for PR, we are adding a call for a GIFT (Great Ideas for Teaching) session—also focused on Race in the Public Relations Classroom.

JPRE will publish the top GIFT in a future issue this next academic year. If we receive more than one submission that merits publication, JPRE will publish as many as three GIFTs.

And thanks to our co-sponsor, the Institute for PR, the top GIFT will also receive a $500 award.

Submission Guidelines

GIFTs should be submitted as a MS Word Doc to research chair Kelly Bruhn (PRSAEducators@gmail.com) by Friday, July 31 11:59 p.m. EST

Submissions should include a cover page with author name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information. To facilitate blind judging, we will delete the cover sheet when we submit for review. Please do not include author name or any other identifying information in any other part of the submission. (Please note: Anyone on the Educators team with access to identifiable information will not be eligible for the competition.)

The core of your submission should be no more than a two-page, 12-point font, walkthrough of your GIFT and include (1) the title of the GIFT, (2) a detailed explanation of the teaching practice / activity / process, (3) the rationale for the assignment or activity, and (4) the targeted learning outcomes

As appropriate, you may include appendices that help elucidate the GIFT in action – whether that be an activity form, discussion prompts, actual student work sample, etc.

Super Saturday Series Presentation Logistics

Authors of selected GIFTs will be notified by September 1st (at least one author must be available to present (virtually))

The Super Saturday Series will be held on a series of Fridays (ironically) during October. Once we have a handle on total number of submissions across Super Saturday entries, we will be able to determine the final schedule and coordinate with authors.

It's (beyond) time to address issues of race in the public relations classroom. We hope you'll join us in this discussion. We also invite you to submit to, and participate in, the full Super Saturday virtual programming lineup throughout October.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Dean Mundy, 2020 PRSA Educators Academy chair: dmundy@uoregon.edu.


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