Value, Emphasis, Unity Mackenzie osborn

Volleyball Happiness

My piece is a brightly colored pink and purple volleyball on a gray to black value scale. My drawing was created with two mediums, colored pencils and shading pencils.

My artwork was inspired by my sister. I wanted to give her something and she loves volleyball, so that's how my piece came about. i tried to show happiness with the use of bright colors. However, I used darker colors for the background to show sadness. Volleyball season is over and volleyball is a great joy for her, so there is some sadness there for her. So, she is both happy and sad and i tried to show that in my piece.

I want to be the type of artist that has their emotions clearly displayed in their work. My piece is a step in that direction. The black value scale shows the sadness expressed and the pink and purple value scales display the happiness.

I learned that showing your emotions in artwork can be either really easy or pretty challenging. My final piece is what I imagined. I imagined the focal point, the volleyball, to be brightly colored with what most would refer to as happy colors. This piece will help me with future artworks because I now have more knowledge of using value, emphasis, and unity.

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Mackenzie Osborn

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