Holiday Layouts Using Symbols and Composition

Learning Targets

  1. Use symbols to evoke a response from the viewer.
  2. Use compositional choices to direct the viewer through your image.
Danica Vu from Columbia Elementary School, with her winning holiday design.


What symbols do you see in these images?

Brainstorm different ideas for symbols that would represent each holiday.


Put it all togethEr

In each of the following images, identify the symbols and the holiday that they represent. Also, identify which compositional choices the artist made to create emphasis and set the mood.

Start with thumbnail sketches

Make 3 or more thumbnail sketches. Each sketch should clearly depict a holiday by use of symbols. Use the compositional design choices as a guide. Each sketch should quickly direct the viewer’s eye towards one or more symbol(s).

Pick one sketch to turn into a full-size design.

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Noel Newquist


Created with images by TeroVesalainen - "success goal target"

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