Marine Biologist By: Ashley braren

Someone who studies ocean and marine life. Studying diseases, new sea life, ways to save the ocean, and more.


To be a marine biologist, you have to get an education. Obviously you have to go to high school for all 4 years. Then, you'll have to go to college for 5 years. Also, you will need a Masters degree or a Ph.d.

Licenses Needed

You will have to have a license for marine biology. One choice could be Wetland professional training. Or you could have a Professional wetland scientist.

Personal qualities

  • Stress tollerance
  • Attention to small detail
  • Integrity
  • Dependability

Sucessful qualaties

  • The use of science to solve things
  • Thinking about pros and cons to solve problems
  • Finding the problems
  • Find ways to solve problems
I will become a marine biologist after college when I grow up.(hopefully in my 20’s)

5 Goals to Become a Marine Biologist

  • I will go to sea turtle camp when I am old enough in North Carolina. When I am 13-17
  • I will take marine biology, biology, and chemistry in High School.
  • I will apply to more than one marine biology school and hopefully get in.
  • I will learn how to be a marine biologist in college.
  • I will become a marine biologist after college hopefully in my 20’s
A marine biologist's sallory on average is $72,220
Go become a Marin Biologist


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