A Day in the Life Pastor David Bickers

Pastor Bickers loves to run marathon's and in this picture it is Lebanon Blues Festival 10 k. Pastor Bickers is into health and fitness and that is why is not like other choir directors but he is David Bickers.
This is Pastor David Bickers, Choir Director at Urbancrest Baptist Church in Lebanon, OH. He has served at Urbancrest for 17 years.
On every Wednesday night there is Awana's. The children are enjoying themselves and also hear the gospel being preached. I love how Awanas focuses on pray for the last 10 minutes before Choir practice. Many of our choir members have been in the program or have grandkids in Awanas.
On Wednesday's nights the Choir and band separate to practice for upcoming songs. Pastor Bickers works with the band for 30 minutes and the choir goes to a separate room to practice the songs we sing for Sunday.
This is our choir group members . The lady wearing the Cenertric shirt is Erin Hale. She plays the keyboard and helps us to prepare for upcoming Sunday choir pieces. Our previous practice choir director had to leave our church because they both lived in Cedarville, OH. He taught at Cedarville University but with teaching and driving it was to much driving to come to Urbancrest.
The Choir comes on stage at 7:30 to bring our work together as band and Choir. Pastor Bickers is leading both Choir and band. Nick Killian who is our volunteer tech guy comes and sees if all the microphones are working and is open for questions with Planning Center a app for all our choir music. He also puts the songs on screen for the Choir on Wednesday nights.
Pastor Bickers when he was a child loved to play the drums. I wanted take a picture of David playing because it was an important memory of childhood. He does not know how to play percussion but the inspiration of the drums was still a wonderful memory to take a picture of and remind him of his past.
David also has a passion not just leading the choir but playing the keyboard. On Sunday mornings another choir member plays the piano instead of Pastor Bickers because he and the praise team sing together.
David loves to travel and he has been to many places around the world. He has been to Europe and his favorite place to travel was Austria. Someday when I am out of college I would like to travel to see Europe and travel outside of the U.S.
Pastor Bickers is not just involved in choir at Urbancrest but has a passion for missions. Urbancrest supports many missionaries in and outside of the United States. Key West, Florida is one of the places that Urbancrest supports and Pastor Bickers is from Florida. He volunteers and serves every year because his passion is not just his home but preaching the gospel to the lost people in Florida.
This is Mr. and Mrs. Bickers. Ginny and David have been blessed with 38 years of marriage coming in May. They have two beautiful daughters married and one grandchild.
This is Noelle, Pastor Bickers first granddaughter. She is Sarah's little girl and has turned 4 months on March 6.
The Bickers family. Sarah and Brandon with Noelle and Jennie and David. Becca and Rhyan could not be able to be in this picture.

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