My year 4 project!

Around 2000 years ago, Britain was ruled by a tribe of people called 'The Celts'. But they never expected what was going to happen next.

The Roman army was ruled by a man called julius Caesar who tried to invade Britain twice.

First in 55bc and second in 54 bc. He failed both times.

Julius ceaser!

When Julius Caesar first attacked he met a group of angry Celts at the Cliffs of Dover. Caesar went straight past them but was finished off by the weather.

The second time he invaded he also failed.

When Julius Caesar was in his LXs he was assassinated by a group of rebels lead by a man named Brutus.

War broke out between the Romans after the news had spread.

However Brutus killed himself to evade capture.

In AD43, the full might of the Roman army landed on the beaches in Kent. Over the next year it battled inland, storming through hillforts and chopping down anyone who stood in their way.

The Roman army!

The Roman army was ferocious. It was made of great , deadly troops in huge formations with glinting metallic armour and sharp dangerous weapons given to every soldier.

The Roman battle ship!
Statue of emperor Claudius!

Emperor Claudius attacked the British, to try to become Caesar's successor. He won beacause he had a secret weapon, elephants!

Romans on their mighty elephants!

Celts believe that elephants carried on the dead.

Emperor Claudius soon started picking off other parts of Britain to stretch his empire.

Thank you for reading my Year 4 presentation.

By Luke

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